Get Active! Get moving!

Recently I have been trying to get into shape a bit more. You know, get off the couch and move around a bit, do some exercises, go for a jog/walk, eat less cake!

Overall, I haven’t been 100% motivated to keep it up, but they do say it takes a bit of time to get into a regular routine. So I am hoping, that by adding this aspect into my blog a bit, and maybe doing a regular feature on a new routine or walking route that I have tried, that it will keep me going.

My goal =

Get Active. Get Moving

I have a chart pinned up on my wardrobe that I am crossing off every time I do a work-out, play netball with my friends, walk more than twice my daily step-count goal, anything that gets me up and out.


I made it nice and colourful, and then surrounded it with some inspiring fitness quotes! Like these ones…..

You just get betterStrive for Progress

I even made a great ‘Health and Fitness’ board on Pinterest to help me out, but initiallly that didn’t help cus I completely agreed with this picture…..

AgreedSo, then I actually looked through the board, and wrote down some of the “beginner” routines and pinned them up round my flat. I also have a real life board with different exercises on that I can do in the limited space I have available in my flat. These range from the simple (jumping jacks, crunches, squats and lunges) to things that I am working up to (planks, wall sits, donkey kicks, plank jumping jacks and windshield wiper legs). I am getting (slightly) better at doing some of these, but as I said at the beginning of this post, I need a little bit more motivation. This idea helped a bit though….

45 minutesAnd I did! I now have a few playlists in iTunes that are around 45 minutes long (some a bit shorter) and whenever I am doing a work-out, I try to keep going for as long as possible. I haven’t quite made it to the full 45 minute mark yet, but I am building it up each time.

On my Pinterest board I have a few “One Song Workouts” as well, if I only have time to do some short burst training. So, over the next few weeks, I will keep you posted on how these work for me, and maybe you can get involved too. This will be a new series I will run called ‘Workout Wednesday’. So, I will see you tomorrow for the first edition in the series.

Before I go though, I would just like to leave you with this thought…

6 Months


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