Upcoming posts………


I have been following a two particular blogs over the past few years, but regularly have a peek at a few others. Since working on starting my own blog I have been thinking about combining some of the features I think work really well on my favorite blogs, and putting my own twist on them.

So, over the coming weeks and months, you should see some of these ideas come to fruition (hopefully). And, if I am lucky, I hope to get a few featured posts from some friends of mine who are in the wedding business. One of my good friends is a wedding photographer who is based here in Bristol, and I am hoping she will write a post with a few basic photography hints. Another friend of mine runs a company selling DIY wedding stationary, and I would love her to give a quick tutorial using a few of her favourite/best-selling supplies.

Stay tuned for these new posts, and follow the blog using the link in the sidebar to receive an email notification when each post goes live.


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