Workout Wednesday: Week 2 – Butt Workout

Hello again everyone! This weeks Workout Wednesday is a little delayed again, but here it is finally! Oh, and it isn’t a ‘One Song Workout’ (next time).

Early in the week I found this ‘Butt Workout’ on Pinterest which I though looked really good. And, according to my mirror, it is definitely an area I need to work on.

Butt Workout

The workout this time is pretty self explanatory cus it comes with pictures as well, so all I had to do was crank up a playlist and knuckle down to it!

My thoughts?!

Well, I could certainly feel it during the work-out and after! The Donkey Kicks and Bridges were tolerable, but the Lunges and Squats were killer! I didn’t manage to complete all 3 reps, I started the third, but could only manage to finish the 15 Bridges before my legs gave way!

And that is it. Short and sweet this week because of the delay. I am hoping to get a friend of mine to do some photography of me doing some of the exercises for the next few workouts – but she has been out-of-town recently, so I haven’t really seen her.


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