Day 1 & 2 – Printmaking Unleashed!

Welcome to Day 1 of 31 Days of Printmaking Unleashed!

Here is the photo that Traci Bautista posted on her facebook page…

Day 1 - Found Tools

She is encouraging us to look at everything in a new light. Items with an interesting texture that would make a good print, like the heart shaped doily in her photo above. As well as other things with great shapes that will add depth to whatever you are creating.

I use a lot of different, and mainly disposable items when I am painting. Most of the time I use ‘found items’ as stencils, but will use them as printmaking tools as well. I could only find a few items that I have atm, but here they are…

Letter Stencils

With these letter stencils I tend to spraypaint over them to start with, and then when the top is covered in paint, I flip them and use it to get a reverse print. It really works well and adds depth and dimension to some of my paintings.

Packing Tape Insert Rolls

Packing tape insert rolls are really good stencils and stamps as well. These ones have been used to block out a circle, but I go through quite a few of these, using both sides when stamping. They can be bent into other shapes as well, which makes them a very versatile ‘found tool’.

Wooden Words

Before spraypainting these a solid colour to use in a picture for a friend I used these wooden words to make prints, as well as reverse prints of the words, again adding dimension to that particular painting.

Well, those are the ‘found tools’ that I still have in my art boxes atm, but I often use a variety of other things to make prints/stencils when I am painting. I will be doing a post on some of the paintings I have done soon – especially the personalised name paintings that I have done for some of my friends!

Day 2 of Printmaking Unleashed!

Day 2 Monoprint

The prompt for Day 2 is ‘Monoprints’ – now this isn’t something I have incorporated into my art yet, but after seeing a video on Alisa Burke’s blog, and this prompt I might just give it a go! So, no photo’s from me on this one yet, but when I do get round to having a go, I will upload some photo’s so you can see how I get on.

What tools – found or otherwise – when you are painting and printmaking? And have you given monoprints a shot in your creative process? Leave a comment and post a photo of any pictures you have! 🙂


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