Day 3 – Printmaking Unleashed

Day 3 of Printmaking Unleashed!

So Traci’s prompt for today is ‘Hot Glue Stencils’…

Day 3 - Hot Glue Stencil

Again, I have seen these before on another blog I follow, Lil Blue Boo, who originally found the idea on Creativity Unleashed by Traci Bautista. So the idea has gone full circle now!

I think these are really great and can’t wait to get my glue gun up and running again to try these out! I just have to wait until I can afford some new glue sticks for it cus I ran out (oops)!

Hot Glue Stencils

Traci’s other photo for Day 3 shows one of her stencils in use after she has painted a page. They leave an interesting pattern on the surface, and you can go wild, making so many designs with them. The only limit with glue gun stencils is your imagination. You can create words, like Ashley from Lil Blue Boo did here…

Lil Blue Boo - Hot Glue Gun Stenciling 1

Have you given glue gun stencilling a try? Post some photo’s in the comments to show us!


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