Severn Beach

Yesterday I took the train down to Severn Beach, a small village and stretch of shoreline along the Severn Estuary. I had been once before with a friend, but we didn’t do much exploring (just a bit of sunbathing) so this time I wanted to have a good look around on the beach.

I only had a short time, due to limited trains home, but I got to go for a bit of a walk along the gravel/sand which was great fun as it reminded me of walking along the beach opposite my childhood home. I then did a bit of sunbathing while reading the 8th book in the Outlander series that I mentioned before (An Echo In The Bone), before climbing on some of the rocks and collecting some driftwood.

Here are a few photos I took whilst there….

Severn Beach 1Severn Beach 2Severn Beach 3

There were loads of birds flying around while I was sat taking photos and luckily I managed to snap a few of them….

Severn Beach 4Severn Beach 5Severn Beach 6Severn Beach 7

It was quite windy down there on the seashore, and the clouds were constantly skidding across the sky! And the sun was really bright, and at one point I managed to catch a picture of a rainbow ring around the brightness.

Severn Beach 8Severn Beach 9Severn Beach 10

You can even see Wales from the shore…

Severn Beach 11

I had a lot of fun in the two hours I was down there. Didn’t get to see the tide come all the way in, but I am hoping to go down with some friends one evening for a bit of a BBQ to watch the sunset, so we might get to dip our toes in the water then!

Have any of you made it down to a beach lately? Post a comment with the name of your nearest/favorite beach!


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