Workout Wednesday – Week 3

Hi again guys! Week 3 on Workout Wednesday! Welcome!

This week (as promised) some ‘ONE SONG WORKOUTS’! (pause for cheering 🙂 )

So, which songs do you love to listen to while you are working out? Do you have a few favorites that you put on repeat, or do you have an entire playlist to keep you motivated? Let us know in the comments!

I have found a few good workouts on Pinterest which suggest a song to go along with it,so I picked a few of my favorite songs, and got going!

Happy by Pharrell Williams

Now ‘Happy by Pharrell’ has been such a popular tune recently! I have had it on many a time, and one of my younger sisters has it on constantly (it kinda gets annoying after you hear it for the 30th or 60th time in a row though). But it is definitely a good song to get working out too. Unfortunately with this one I wasn’t able to do all of the exercises listed as I am unable to do Jumping Jacks in my flat (squeaky floorboards and an angry neighbour), but the rest of it was a good all round workout.

Can't Hold Us by Macklemore

Another popular song, this time by Macklemore! And again I was unable to do the Jumping Jacks! In the images showing you what to do it suggests using a weighted ball when doing the Russian Twists, but as I don’t have one I substituted it for two unopened tins of paint (about the same weight I think).

Heartbreak Girl by 5 Seconds of Summer

‘Heartbreak Girl by 5 Seconds of Summer’ – a fairly new band on the scene, but I am LOVING their stuff at the moment! Again, no Jumping Jacks for me; but it was a great little workout, and the Bicycles were the hardest part at this point (keeping your legs in the air and rotating them after doing squats and lunges etc = murder on the muscles but good for you in the long run)!

Dark Horse by Katy Perry

This is a quick little workout to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse. I replaced the 20 seconds of jogging in place for another wall sit (squeaky floor!) but otherwise, another killer workout!

I think the beauty of ‘One Song Workouts’ is that you can do one of them anywhere and they are easy to squeeze into whatever else you have to do during the day! Most don’t need any equipment either, so you can literally do them anywhere; at home, in the office, in a hotel room, etc. And you can just do one, or string a few together like I did yesterday!


As I said at the start – have you got a few favourite songs/a playlist that you turn up when you are doing a workout? Let us know, we might even add some of the songs into our own playlist!

Also, have you tried any ‘One Song Workouts’? Post a link in the comments and we will give it a go in the coming weeks!


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