Sundays trip to Medieval Festival

Here are the photo’s I took at the Medieval Festival in Tewkesbury on Sunday…

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 1Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2014Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2Battle Audience

Living Encampment 1Living Encampment 2

ArmourWooden SwordsSwords and ShieldsSmiley SpoonsStory Time

They had some fantastic costumes on display, and many more available to purchase…….

Costume 1Costume 2Costume JewleryCostume 3

There was even an area where people were spinning wool and this gentleman allowed me to take his photo…..

Wool Spinning

There were also some Birds of Prey on display before a Falconry display on the Battlefield…

Birds of Prey 1Birds of Prey 2Birds of Prey 3Birds of Prey 4

And (just for a laugh) as with any big attraction like this, there were some of those funny boards to take photo’s at…..

Photo Board 1 Photo Board 2

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!


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