Day 4, 5 and 6 – Printmaking Unleashed

I am a bit behind with these, but here are a few more to get up-to-date.

Day 4!

Day 4 - Cardboard Stamp

I love using cardboard as stamps/stencils. And due to lack of funds and materials it is one of my major resources at the moment, because it can be recycled from so many things. I had a few empty boxes waiting to go in the recycling bin outside which I decided to cut up for this. Here are a few pics of the designs I have cut out so far (and a few in progress stamps too) ….


Day 5!

Day 5 - Flower Print

I love adding flowers into my artwork, although until seeing this prompt, I hadn’t used a print (I was always freehand drawing my flowers before). This has given me a new incentive to get creative with my art.

Due to lack of funds and materials atm, I have only been able to use some empty food boxes that were going to be recycled, cutting them up into cardboard scraps and using some fabric paint for my flower prints today, but here are a few snaps anyway…


My initial attempt didn’t work very well. I used a tube of glue as a ‘brayer’ which kinda smushed the paint into a big glob. I have a few ideas on how to bring it back from a failure though, so it isn’t a complete loss.


My second attempt at a flower worked well. I used a bit less paint and didn’t roll over it with a ‘brayer’. My shot at doing a leaf shape failed though. Another idea to work on and perfect in the future!

Day 6!

Day 6 - Carved Stamp

I haven’t been able to make any of my own carved stamps yet due to lack of materials, but it is certainly something I want to have a go at in the future.

One of the blogs I follow, Alisa Burke, creates and sells her own carved stamps which are fab….

Alisa Burke - doodle flowers rubber stamp sheetAlisa Burke - pretty little feather stampAlisa Burke - stamp labels

They are really sweet and so detailed! I would love to have some of these to incorporate into my artwork and journaling. If you want some, visit her shop here to find out more!

I will also be attempting to make my own soon. I just need something to carve into and some different tools than I have already. Future challenge and blog post!

That is it for now so pop back to see how I get on with the next few daily prompts for the 31 Day Printmaking Unleashed Challenge!


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