Bristol Harbour Festival this weekend!

Bristol Harbour Festival

The time has come again for the Harbour Festival in Bristol!

The Matthew

The whole harbourside & surrounding area is going to be a buzzing hive of activity and entertainment over the next two days!


So many stalls, music, activities, stages, maritime events, a green festival (?) and loads of stuff to eat & drink! Maybe even a few pirates!!!

Even some fireworks…


It looks to be another great celebration and a chance for the city to showcase its rich musical & performance roots.
Over 250,000 festival fans will head down to the historic harbourside to party, dance and relax!

I will be down there over the course of both days – volunteering for a local Bristol charity on their stall in Charity Village behind the amphitheatre – St. Peter’s Hospice. Come down and have a look at all the great stuff will be selling! (I have created a few handmade items to be sold for the stall – so pop down to check them out, or come back next week for a little how-to to make your own)!

St Peters Hospice

We will have a very nautical themed stall – with all the volunteers aiming to dress in something nautical!

Nautical Style

As an extra little nod toward the nautical/water theme, I thought I would paint my nails too. Here are some of the ideas I found when searching online…..

Nautical Nails

Check out the detail of the waves on these nails…

Waves Nails

I have managed to complete one hand so far – mainly using the starfish idea above – but I did manage to paint an anchor on my thumbnail (on a red base) using this as a guide…

Anchor Nails

Now I will be trying to paint the fish on my other fingernails, and maybe some mermaidy glitter on my other thumb!

Fancy coming down to the Harbourside in some nautical get-up this weekend? You don’t have to dress up to have good time though! If you do pop down for a bit, wander over to Charity Village, find the St. Peter’s stall and say ‘Hi’ – it would be great to see you!

I will post some photo’s of the weekend next week – even my attempts at painting my nails!


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