Workout Wednesday – Week 4

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!

This is now week 4 and we are looking at working on those Abs!

Check out these workouts found on Pinterest – there are loads out there, but here are a few of the ones that I think look really worthwhile.

Summer Ab Series

Caribbean Crusher sounds like a really good cocktail right? But this workout is really gonna kick some abs! (get it?)

300 Abs

We all loved the film 300 for Gerard Butler’s fit bod didn’t we ladies? Well, here is a great workout to help us get our own fab abs! Go for it, this one really gets those muscles working.

Rock Hard Abs

Nobody really has any time spare to do lengthy workouts these days. So one that takes 12 minutes – that is roughly 4 songs – I am pretty sure we can squeeze that in somewhere between getting home from work and eating dinner; maybe while the food is in the oven?

So, what do you think of these three ab workouts? Have you given them a go, or maybe you have found one that works for you and your schedule? Let us know, and we will try it out, and it might even feature in an upcoming Workout Wednesday post!

(All infographics found on Pinterest)


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