Painting Driftwood Boats!

One of my absolute favourite blogs that I follow is Alisa Burke and she has done a few posts about painting driftwood, and I wanted to follow her lead on this. Everytime I am on a beach I love going exploring for driftwood and rocks that I like, but I never know what to do with them once I get home, they just kinda sit there looking sad. Alisa has had some fantastic ideas though…

Alisa Burke Tutorials

After one of my recent driftwood hunting trips I wanted to get my paints out and give some of the wood a new life and this coincided well with the Bristol Harbour Festival. The St. Peter’s Hospice stand that I volunteered on had a naval theme going on (we all dressed in blue and white stripes) – so I decided to create some driftwood boats that we were going to display round the stall.

Harbour Festival - St Peter's Hospice

Alisa Burke has a tutorial for the boats, but I wanted to put my own little twist on it, so I painted several pieces of driftwood in several shades of blue. I then painted some watercolour paper (which is a bit thicker and more robust) in various patterns to be cut out into sails.

With a cheap packet of skewers from the shop and some super glue I got to work sticking them all together. (I will do a more detailed post with step-by-step pictures soon but really wanted to share these photos today)

Unfortunately, we were unable to have the boats on the stall over the weekend, but Lou Minchin, the shop manager suggested that they could do a little display with them in the shop and sell them there.

I didn’t think much of it over the next few days, due to starting a new job, until I walked past the shop yesterday.

And there they were……

Driftwood Boats

Displayed for everyone to see in the shop window!

Driftwood Boats 5

I couldn’t believe it at first. They hadn’t looked all that special sat in a plastic box after I made them last week – but in the window, they looked AMAZING!

Driftwood Boats 4

A proper little regatta of painted driftwood boats (okay, some of the small ones are a bit like windsurf boards, but still)!

Driftwood Boats 3Driftwood Boats 6Driftwood Boats 2

I even wrote some little ‘Handmade’ tags for them….

Driftwood Boats Label

Driftwood Boats 7

They look so sweet sat there in the window!!!

I am so proud of my little flotilla and hopefully they will raise some funds for St. Peter’s Hospice, a local Bristol charity!

If you are in Bristol and have a chance to walk past the St. Peter’s Hospice Menswear shop on Cotham Hill, go and see them. And if you fancy buying one, pop in and ask about them – they have been donated to the charity so they will be selling them at special price.

I am going to be making & selling more of these, in all shapes, sizes and colours in the future. It kinda all depends on what driftwood I can collect from my local beaches; Severn Beach is easily accessible for me by train, but I really want to get down to Sand Bay, by Worle, which is where the good driftwood washes up (this is my version of SWAG)! I just need a kind friend to take me down there one Saturday afternoon. (hint hint anyone 😉 )

Come back soon for a detailed process of how to make your own driftwood boats!


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