Keep Calm

A number of people I know have recently either announced their engagement or are nearing the wedding date. So I thought I would put together a quick post with some good ideas (and relevant links) that couples in similar situations might find useful!


Invites! Who should you send them to, and who can be left off the list? An easy flow chart to help you make the final (if somewhat cut-throat) decisions!


A few tips to help with budgeting for those essential but often big spends!


Alcohol is always going to be a large part of any wedding reception. So have a look at this post to get a bit more help with the process of buying.

How much alcohol

Oh, and a quick and easy chart to gauge how much of different things you are going to need!

Summer Wedding Mistakes

Planning a summer wedding? Have a look at this list to make sure you aren’t going wrong anywhere!

Winter BridesOr is it a winter wedding? Follow these tips to help you on your way!

8 ThingsNot sure what to do between the Ceremony and the Reception? Well, you have a little while to breathe, so at least one of these 8 ideas will come in handy!

Entertain the kids

Got kiddo’s in attendance? Follow this bridal tip to keep them entertained too!


You might have some folks on the guest list who aren’t into dancing, or maybe can’t due to illness/injury/old age. Have some games on hand that they can play so they feel included too!

And Brides! Have a look at these little tips! Keep them in mind in the run up to the big day, and on the day itself! Maybe write them in a notebook so you can get them out when things start going into meltdown – we don’t want to become Bridezilla now do we?

Brides NEED to Remember

These are so important to remember ladies!

Have you got any tips for engaged couples in the wedding planning process? Share in the comments section or on our Facebook page!


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