Interviews and how to handle them…..

I recently attended an interview for a job (which I ended up getting) but was completely flustered beforehand about how to prepare!

I knew that the interviewers were likely to ask questions like these….

The 10 most common interview questionsbut I know from previous experience that I kinda suck at answering these on the spot.

So I decided to do a bit of research into the best ways to answer these types of questions.

I found this link and had a good read through…..

Don't Choke!

I ended up writing bullet point answers to some of the questions that were most likely to come up in a notebook; something I could easily slip into my bag and bring out if my mind did go blank.

Another idea I came across in my search was questions to ask the interviewer…..

Ask a lot of questions

Some good ones on there, and plenty more abound across the internet! Pick out a few and make a note of them so that they are easy to get to during the interview. As the duck says – having questions for them makes you seem more interested in the job, as well as the company; it shows you didn’t just apply because you need a job now, but that it is something you are seriously considering.

Here are a few more that are really great, and from the hiring manager’s point of view as well!

Great questions to ask

Some excellent questions to keep in mind.

Now – clothing!

What exactly should you wear to an interview?

Interview Attire Chart LadiesInterview Attire Chart Gents

And for a bit more of a colourful example……

Interview Attire Chart Ladies 2.0Interview Attire Chart Gents 2.0

Bloopers – we all make them from time to time – but what are the biggest ones when it comes to interviews?


Have you ever done these during an important meeting like an interview? Maybe it is time to readjust your behaviour – take out that gum, turn your phone to silent or switch it off, follow the guidelines about clothing above, and take a look at the 2 sets of questions at the start of the post to get yourself prepared.

Now that we have covered all that, how about preparing a checklist like this one before your next interview, or any important meeting you might have coming up…..

Interview Prep Checklist

Obviously not all of the items here will be relevent to everyone – not many of the guys I know will wear lip gloss – but for the most part, all of these are a good thing to keep ready and have to hand on the day!

What do you think? Any top tips from recent interviews you have attended as someone seeking a job?

Or maybe you are currently in the process of hiring someone to fill a specific role in your company. Let us know what you look for during the interview that help you choose a candidate from the shortlist.


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