Today’s Film – Need For Speed

Need For Speed

I saw the trailer for the film Need For Speed a while ago and thought it looked good!

A few years ago I played a few rounds of one of the games on a friend’s Xbox 360 and had a blast! It was so much fun – not that I was particularly good at but I got into a groove and started to move up the ranks in the races (you had to get to the top spot on each race to move onto the next round).

So when I had the opportunity to watch the film today I thought, yeah, why not.


I mean the cars are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Bugatti Veyron Super SportGTA SpanoKoenigsegg Agera RMcLaren P1Mustang ShelbySesto Elemento

And the stunts – well the Mustang Shelby flew through the air (I think they called the move a “Grasshopper”)!

Mustang Shelby stunt

There is also a stellar cast including Aaron Paul, Scott Mescudi, Ramón Rodríguez, Rami Malek and Harrison Gilbertson as the good guy crew…

Cast - Boys

Dominic Cooper as the bad guy…

Dominic Cooper

Imogen Poots gets behind the wheel and manages to stay cool in the driver’s seat…

Imogen Poots

And Dakota Johnson appears as Dominic Cooper’s girlfriend/fiancée…

Need for Speed (2014)Dominic Cooper and TK

I had so much fun watching this film – a bit of a nail biter at times as well though.

Enough horsepower throughout the film to keep everyone’s engines running.

So, have you seen Need for Speed? Or is it still on your list of films to watch? Maybe you haven’t even considered it.

Let us know by either commenting below, or leaving us a message on our Facebook page (and why don’t you go ahead and like the page while you are there)!


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