Workout Wednesday – Week 5 – With A Difference

So, we are going to be doing things a little different this week.

No, there won’t be a few different workouts that I have tried and that you can have a go at too. I have had such a busy few days at my new job, and I played netball this evening with some friends from my local congregation that I am tired and achy.

Read on to see what I am covering…

First off, we are always told that we need to drink less sugary and caffeine filled drinks and more water right?!

Well, here are a few advantages of actually following this advice…

Advantages of Drinking Water Pretty good if you ask me!

I always try to have a bottle of water on hand. Admittedly, I have not been great at drinking enough water in the past, but I am making an effort to cut sugary drinks out.

Now, a few stats on walking, always a healthy and easy form of exercise…

Walk It OffHow far do you walk in a day? I generally have a rough idea as I downloaded a pedometer onto my phone over a year ago. It keeps track of how many steps I take, and roughly how many calories I burn in the process. Quite nifty actually, and it runs in the background so doesn’t take up too much battery power!

Here are a few more ideas on why walking is so good for you…

Anatomy of Walking

So get out there. Even if it is just walking the dog, or going for a stroll round your local area. Maybe there is somewhere new you have wanted to explore for a while. Get your shoes on and go. I love going for a long walk. Where I live in Bristol I am lucky to be quite close to Clifton and Durdham Downs, which is a lovely open space to go for a walk. Across the Suspension Bridge there is Ashton Court which I have recently discovered and I can’t wait to go back there! Also fairly accessible is Blaise Castle, which is a lovely walk through the woods, leading on down to the River Avon and some lovely walks along the river, which I have yet to enjoy.

Have you got a local walk which you enjoy doing regularly? Let us know, as I am always looking for new places to explore.

And have you got any tips on how to drink more water each day? Maybe a few flavoured water recipes that keep it interesting. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment or email them across and we will do a round-up of any ideas we receive.

So that is all for this week folks. Come back next week for some more ideas on how to keep fit and healthy!


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