Favorite Things Friday – Week 3

I have managed to prepare this post on time this week – YAY!

So here we go…

Memento Boxes

In line with the post I put up last week about my trip to Orkney next year – I will be making a few of these for each holiday I go on in the future. It is easy to keep ticket stubs, receipts, postcards etc together in a plastic wallet while you are away. And when you get home you can decorate a plain wood box and put them in together! Way less time than scrapbooking everything!

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

For my good friend’s wedding almost two years ago I made bucket loads of Tissue Paper Pom-Poms! Here is a great little chart to show what you need to make different sizes. After the wedding I swore I wouldn’t make any again (I think I made around 70 odd) – but I have relented since then and made a few for a party at my mum’s house, and I have one up in my flat atm. Gonna make a few more soon I think!

I want my body

This is exactly what I am aiming for with my fitness! I mean, I can be envious at times of other girl’s bodies – not cus I want to look exactly like that. But I want to feel the same confidence that they have in the way their bodies look, and how much they can do because their bodies are stronger and healthier!

Handbag Organiser

I seriously need one of these to keep my handbag organised! And it is really pretty! Wonder if I can find one that is cute and within my price range?!

 Girly and Glam

I am off to a three-day international convention at the end of the month (more details in another post) and I can’t wait to get dressed up, feel really girly and glam for all 3 days! I have yet to completely plan my outfits, but I am aiming for something chic and glamorous like the ladies here!

Butternut Risotto

Another tasty way to incorporate Butternut Squash into my weekly meal plan – Butternut and Parmesan Risotto! Looks delicious! Can’t wait to give it a try this weekend!

A Friend

This is for a friend of mine who recently had to move a long way away! Even though we may not see each other for a while – I will always be your friend who loves you! Stay strong and we will see each other again soon!


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