Workout Wednesday – Week 6

I recently came across a pin on Pinterest – 5 Barre Workouts To Tone Your Body – which led me to FitSugar, a workout website – and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

I have been going through a number of the workout videos on FitSugar and they look great! I can’t do too much jumping around, etc in my flat because I have really squeaky floorboards, but these workouts are perfect – for only ten minutes you can get in a decent whole-body workout without annoying the neighbours!

Take a look for yourself – here is the first video I watched….

Have a go and see what you think of the workout. It certainly left my muscles shaking!

One of the other suggested workouts from the pin’s link was this one – At-Home Barre Workout Ideas. Easy enough to do at home, using the kitchen countertop or a sturdy table for balance if needed. There are 3 different exercises in this particular workout…..

Butt BlasterButt Blaster

Come down to the floor on both forearms with your knees bent. Your left hip directly over your left knee & your right leg bent to a 90-degree angle with your foot flexed. Extend your right leg toward the ceiling as if you were pushing the ceiling away from you (see photo above). Bring your right leg down past your left hip and then back up toward the ceiling, keeping your leg parallel to the floor with your kneecap pointing toward the ground and your foot flexed. You are doing a full range of motion, trying to imagine extending your leg all the way through the ceiling.

Then we have….

First Position PlieFirst Position Plié and Relevé

Using a countertop, or sturdy table that is at least hip level, lightly place both hands on the surface and bring your feet into first position, heels together, toes turned out from the hip socket to the corners (your feet should make a small V shape). Lift your heels off the floor and press onto the ball of your foot, keeping your ankles strong & keep your heels lifted the whole time. Straighten the legs and bend them so your knees are over your toes (above), keeping the torso upright and elongated. It should look as if you are sliding up and down a wall. Stretch the legs fully at the top with your heels lifted. Then bend the knees back into a plié.

And lastly….

Grand BattementGrand Battement

Use a countertop or sturdy table that is at least hip level or, if you have good balance, just stand in the center of your room. Lift your left arm out to the side if you’re holding onto a countertop or barre, or lift both arms out to the side if you are not holding onto any surfaces for support. Brush your right foot off the floor so it’s lifted up in front of your body, keeping the leg straight and torso upright (above). The leg is turned out, which means your kneecap will face slightly to the corner. When you bring your leg back down, brush the foot up from the floor again, maintaining your posture and keeping your leg straight and long. The leg does not have to lift high. It should seem as if the leg floats back up into the air and back down effortlessly.

Well, that certainly left my legs and arms feeling really wobbly!

Remember to have a bottle of water, and maybe a banana on hand after you do a workout, to rehydrate and get your energy back to normal.

Tune in again next week for more workouts and health tips. Maybe even another FitSugar video!



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