Favorite Things Friday – Week 4

Hi guys, back again with a Fave Things Friday and this is what I have found…..

Baked Halloumi Cheese Rolls (made with filo pastry)

These Baked Halloumi Cheese Rolls (made with filo pastry) look delicious! And they are really easy to make. Think filo pastry and halloumi are going to be on my shopping list come pay-day!

Sunrise at Teignmouth

I am away for a few days next week to Teignmouth in Devon. This is a picture of a sunrise at the beach – and I seriously hope I can get some amazing shots like this while I am there! I might even get up at dawn to try to take one like this! Here’s hoping the weather holds out!

Gorgeous Curls

As I have mentioned before, I am going to an international convention next weekend. I have some glam outfits almost completed. Now all I need is for my hair to do something like this and stay like that for each of the 3 days! Shame it is REALLY straight naturally and curls just drop out 5 minutes after they are put in. 😦

Baby Cloths Patchwork Quilt

I saw this Baby Clothes Patchwork Quilt on Pinterest and remembered ALL of the baby and kids clothes my mum has stashed in her loft! I know she wants to keep them for when me and my sisters have kids, but I think making a patchwork quilt out of the cutest outfits and the ones with the most memories is a way of making them all last longer. It would be useful as well as full of memories. Not to mention the fact she could make quite a few and clear some space in the loft because there are quite a few sac’s full!


I haven’t found the “right” person yet, but I will one day. I just hope that all of you have found that one person who helps make everything better just by being there! 🙂


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