Sailing – Torquay to Brixham

As I mentioned in a post last week, I sailed from Torquay to Brixham with a group of new friends.

Here are some of the photo’s taken before we got on board…


There was a bright blue gorilla statue beside the harbour that was covered in penguins and a few of us went over to take some photo’s here is the Penguilla in all his glory.

Penguilla and Me

So after these shot’s it was all aboard…

All AboardOut at sea 1Out at sea 2Out at sea 3Out at sea 4Out at sea 5Sailing 1Sailing 2

Here is a shot of me at the helm and one of the lovely gents who took us out. I don’t quite know what my hair was doing, it wasn’t that windy out there!

We each got a turn at the helm, which was so much fun!

In the harbour at Brixham there was an old ship moored up that you could go and explore. We didn’t have the time in the end to go on board, but I did manage to snap some quick pics…

Brixham Harbour 1Brixham Harbour 2

It looked really cool, a bit like The Matthew which is in Bristol’s Floating Harbour. I wish we had been able to go on deck and explore, but it will have to wait for another visit.

To round of this post, I’ll leave you with a picture of Torquay harbour taken from the top of the Torquay Wheel…

Torquay Harbour


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