I have been seeing a lot of gorgeous flowers around this summer and wanted to share some of them with all of you.

There were some in a friend’s garden when I visited earlier in the year…

Barbara's Garden 1Barbara's Garden 2Barbara's Garden 3Barbara's Garden 4Barbara's Garden 5

And then some at the Cliffden Hotel where I was staying in Teignmouth…

Cliffden Hotel 1Cliffden Hotel 2Cliffden Hotel 3Cliffden Hotel 4Cliffden Hotel 5Cliffden Hotel 6Cliffden Hotel 7Cliffden Hotel 8Cliffden Hotel 9

And the view from the hotel gardens down to the sea wasn’t half bad either…

Cliffden Hotel 10

I love fresh flowers in amazing and vibrant colours – it’s just a shame I can’t keep any plants alive long enough to bloom in my little window box at the moment. Maybe next year will be better!


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