Favorite Things Friday – Week 5

We took a Friday off last week, as I was away with limited internet and had virtually no time to do anything except check my emails half the time.

So, back to it…


I didn’t manage to get the big curls I wanted for the convention I went to at the weekend. But I did manage to get this chignon to sit right on the friday (minus the braids). I tried to get it like this again for the sunday but couldn’t get part 3 to work properly, and then ran out of time so had to leave it.

Crossing off the Bucket List

 I managed to cross 8 things off my bucket list while I was away last week. As well as the ones pictured here I watched the sunset at the beach, went swimming in the hotel pool and went on a trip somewhere new. And I have photo’s of most of them too that I can put into a scrapbook.

leather and lace

Alisa Burke, one of my favorite bloggers, redesigned this plether vest the other day and I think it looks really cool. And she only used a sharpie pen!!! Funky and easy! Can’t wait to find a vest/jacket in a charity shop to do my own designs on!

Easy Lemon Chicken Potato Casserole

This Easy Lemon Chicken Potato Casserole looks delicious and is making me really hungry as I type this. Mmmmm – might have to make one this weekend. All I need now is some gorgeous casserole dishes like these…..

Pretty Casserole Dishes

Time for a charity shop hunt I think! St Peter’s Hospice on Cotham Hill here I come! 🙂

Studio Apartment

I wish I could get my studio flat to look this good and this organised. It’s kinda hard to do when you have a few fixed features that are hard to work around though. Maybe one day I will have a bit more space to work with.

Ballet Dancer

I searched through a lot of photo’s for this one in the end, but I have a good reason. My little sister recently took her ballet grade 4 exam and got her results earlier this week. She got a merit – top of her class! I am so proud of what she has achieved. She hasn’t been dancing for long, and only last year was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease after a 6 month battle through a lot of pain. It has taken her just under a year to get back to full health, and through all of it she has continued to go to rehearsals each week and has performed in several different productions. I can’t believe how far she has come, and can’t wait to see her dancing get better and better. She is a fighter and a fantastic dancer! Go sis!!! 🙂


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