Week 6 of Favorite Things Friday


I really wanted to do something with the garden behind my building this summer, but the time has gone past really quickly. Hopefully I will get a dry weekend soon where me and the other residents can get out there and do something to at least tidy it up a bit.


And sticking with the theme of a garden for today – I wish I could get a photo this good of the fox that visits my garden regularly. Unfortunately I have not had my camera handy when he appears. Next time I see him I need to go down and see if I can get a good pic.

DIY bench

This bench is really cool – and fairly easy to make with a few simple items from a hardware store, bit of paint and some cushions. I really like the Aztec design they painted on the wall behind it too.

Recycled Hose Mini-Fence

I am always a fan of recycling and reusing – and this mini-fence is great, using old hoses as a border divider. Kinda cool and totally customisable as well!

Loads of Flowers

When I have a garden to myself I am going to have loads of flowers! Bit of a cottage garden, with some structured borders, but definitely a riot of colour throughout the year.


Gonna be fairly self-sufficient with a market garden and grow my own fruits & veggies. Loads of tips online to help grow food from seeds, as well as regrow veggies from scraps.


I would absolutely LOVE to have a water feature of some sort in my garden. I don’t mind whether it’s a pond, a stream or a fountain. I love the sound of trickling water!!!!

Literary SignI think this is a really cool sign post and I want to create my own version using scraps of wood that I find washed up on the beaches near where I live – and with the place names from my favorite books. I have one that I collected the last time I went to Severn Beach, I think I might paint that one first and start my little collection from there. Then once I have a garden that is worthy, I can nail them all to a post. Wonder which book and place-name I should choose first?!


This is a nifty idea for sprucing up any concrete slabs you may have in your garden. And for only the cost of a few cans of spray paint! You could make your own template or buy a cheap concrete path form from a hardware store.

Bunk Bed Treehouse

A tree house is generally a must have when it comes to a great garden – and this might be the easiest way to achieve it – reusing a cabin/bunk bed! It can be used as a treehouse, a stargazing platform, and I saw one that was used as extra planting space. Very versatile and its recycling!

DIY Outdoor Music Station

This DIY Outdoor Music Station is fun and will keep kids entertained for hours! Always a good thing. I know my little sis and niece would absolutely love it!

Fire Pit

And finally, what garden would be complete without a fire pit – and what and epic one this is!     Cool huh?!

Have you got anything that you would like in your dream garden?

Let us know in the comments!


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