Westbury Court Gardens

I was at my mum’s house this weekend, and on Sunday we decided to go for a picnic and quick trip to Westbury Court Gardens…

 The National Trust

Westbury Court Gardenslily pondswater gardenswater gardens

They also have some fish in the ponds/canals, and you can buy a pot of fish food for them…

feed the fishfeed the fish

There was a cheeky family of ducks as well that kept trying to steal the fish food…

feed the ducksfeed the ducks

We moved from one end of the canal to the other, and the ducks followed too. The little one kinda got left behind, but caught up eventually….

feed the ducks

There were a lot of plants and flowers in the gardens too…..

orange flowers pink flowers orange flower apple trees fig tree

Some veg too, massive pumpkins and some odd-looking squash (?) ….

pumpkins squash

All in all a great picnic in the orchard, a lovely time wandering round the gardens and loads of fun feeding the fish & ducks. Here is a quick shot I managed to snap of my family while they weren’t looking – hehehe ……

ma familiaLove them all! xxx


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