Favorite Things Friday – Week 7

It is that time of week again folks – Favorite Things Friday!

This week we are going to be looking at some of my favorite ideas for my future dream home…

Patchwork Bathroom Backsplash

I love this idea of a Patchwork Bathroom Backsplash – I don’t think I would ever be able to decide on just one tile, so doing a patchwork like this would be fab. And it would be easier to spread the cost too, just collect different tiles over time and add to it every now & then.

Patchwork Kitchen Backsplash

Here is a similar idea for the kitchen – using loads of different colours. I have actually started my own collection of tiles, ones that I have decorate over the years that I will add to a backsplash like this in the future!

Reuse an old dresser

Reusing old furniture is great – and you get to put your own mark on it as well. This is a great way to upcycle and creat a bit of extra storage for organising bags and rucksacks. I have one sat ready and waiting for it’s new coat of paint, and for some shelves/rails/hooks to be put inside.

Upcycled Dresser

Another upcycling project – a drawer-less dresser turned fabric storage or towel storage for a bathroom – I love it! Totally colour customisable as well. I am thinking about doing this with sheets and blankets etc when I get a bigger place.

Understairs Sofa

I think this is a really cute idea for using up that understairs space – a sofa or a bed which can be used as extra seating, or somewhere to snuggle up read for a bit. (I am pretty sure this pic has been taken of a doll’s house, but the idea still stands)

Jewellery Tie-backs

This is a great idea too – using jewellery as curtain tie-backs. Especially perfect in a room that you use regularly, but don’t always close the curtains in.

Suitcase Storage

An easy idea for storing luggage if you don’t have a loft or garage space. This way it is still easily accessible, but completely out-of-the-way.

DIY Dressing ROom

If I ever have a flat/house big enough that I have a spare room, I am totally turning it into a dressing room/walk-in closet! It probably won’t be as elegant as the one in the picture above, but it will be better than having all my clothes and things strewn around my bedroom.

For the Spare Bathroom

I think having a big jar like this, or even a basket, with travel size and hotel shampoos & soaps in a spare bathroom for when you have guest round is a great idea. When I travel I tend to take my own shampoo with me anyway, so I have a little collection of shampoo bottles and soaps from hotels already. Gotta find the perfect container for them now.

Wallpaper Covered Dresser

I am always looking to add colour to my flat – and this is a great way of doing just that. Also another fab way to upcycle a tired piece of furniture. Painting the main piece in a single colour (in this case black) and then covering the drawers in wallpaper! Cool! And totally interchangeable too!

Coloured Stairs

Another fun way to add some colour – and this time it is to a place that can sometimes be a bit dull & dreary. Painting the uprights of stairs in a rainbow gives a bright boost of colour, and will bring a smile to your face every time you walk up the stairs!

Perfume Colletion

A pretty way to showcase a perfume collection. and if you have a dressing room like the one above, then it is the perfect place to have a display like this. Keeps them all in the same place too!


I would love love love love love to have a balcony outside my window! Somewhere that I could go to get a bit of fresh air, sit and read a book, or stargaze at night.

Huge Mirror

And last of all today, huge mirrors! I love them! I was lucky that the last person to live in my flat left one behind, it doesn’t have a gorgeous frame like this one though. But I will be getting some decorative wood soon to create my own frame.

What do you think adds that extra touch to a lovely home? Have you got any great ideas for upcycling furniture? Let us know in the comments, or send us a pin on our Pinterest page!


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