Workout Wednesday – Week 9

Back again for another Workout Wednesday!

This week we are going to focus on the benefits of jogging/running, with a few tips to get you started or keep you going!

Like this infographic here…..

Correct Running FormI am pretty sure I have been doing it wrong, which is probably why I don’t get very far!

Now, as we all know, a good stretch needs to be a key part of your routine before you go out for a jog/run. Here is a quick demo of the sort of warm-up we need to do….

Warm-UpI knew warming up was beneficial, but it is good to know how long to hold each stretch for.

So, now we are all warmed up – and ready to run with the correct form – what do we do now?

Well, here is a good guide to get you started…..Week 1, Week 2.......They recommended to do each workout 2 -3 times each week. This way, you will see and feel the results. And remember the picture from last weeks Workout Wednesday – after 8 weeks, your friends and family will begin to notice your body changing! So keep going with it. This is certainly something I am going to be implementing in my workout routine, especially because I am not a runner and need to really start from scratch.

But this is a good pic to remember if you are only just starting out…..

No matter how slow you go...Certainly something I kept in mind while I went out for my “jog” last night!

Now, these are called the 10 Commandments for every runner….

10 CommandmentsSome good tips there, especially no.6 – you need to keep hydrated when you go for a walk/jog/run. And none of these sugary “fitness” drinks – water!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, moving on.

Don’t think like this…..

It might rain....Think more like this…..

It's rainingYou need to get out there, keep the routine going, no matter what the weather. Obviously if it is a howling storm, or a whiteout blizzard, don’t be stupid and stay inside. But if it is just a spot of rain, you CAN still get out there and burn a few calories. You aren’t the Wicked Witch of the West, the rain isn’t going to melt you! If you want to keep up the good work, you need to be out there jogging/running come rain or shine!

You might be thinking, yeah but this is…..

How I thinkBut what you really need to remember is…..

I am getting lighterThe more we regularly get out there for a jog/run, the easier we will find it, the further we can go, and the better results we will see.

I haven’t quite got into the routine of it yet, but with my motivation board now on the door of my flat, I can’t avoid it when I am leaving. It gives me a bit more incentive – to take the rubbish out, and then go for a bit of a jog. Even if I only go around the block, or maybe two. Regularly getting out there is going to help improve my stamina, so that when I do build it into a better routine, I will have the energy to go further.

And just think of this…..

FactSo, the more you get out there and move – the more calories you will burn when you get home!

Very cool!

A series of argumentsSo fight your brain all the way! Set a route/distance each time you leave the house, and do your best to get there. Even better, once you hit that marker, push yourself to go just a little bit further, even if it is only a short burst sprint finish. Go that bit extra every time and it will be worth it!

Some motivation while you are out there is always a good thing as well……

Similar tempoCreate a playlist on your phone/iPod/music player! Something catchy and upbeat that will get you on your feet and keep you moving. The pic above just highlights 10 songs with a similar tempo, which means the beat won’t change much between the songs, so you can keep your pace the same.

So to all but round off this week – make this promise to yourself…..

Last day

And finally, get yourself some cute gear to workout it. Maybe a t-shirt like this…..

Forget the glass slipper


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