Week 10 – Workout Wednesday

Hello again and welcome back! It’s time for Workout Wednesday again.

This week we have a few short and sweet workouts with some great motivations mixed in!

First up – a workout for all those students that are just going back to uni and all those who have just started their first year…..

Revision Workout

This is a good way to get 3 hours of revision done – and a good workout! When I was at school I was always told that the best way to study/revise was to do 30 – 40 minutes of work and then take a 5 minute break before hitting the books again, so this is the perfect way to multi-task!

Following on from the post about running last week…..


Now that ought to get us ladies moving! 🙂

We have all seen or heard about fitness challenges popping up over the internet. Here is one that I have started…..

30 Day Plank Challenge

As long as you get the posture right when doing a plank, it can tighten a lot of different muscles! Check out this pic which highlights the muscles you work on….

PlankNot only do you work your core, but your arms and your legs as well. So, are you with me on this 30 day challenge?

Quick reminder:

1 PoundI’m certainly not!

We all need a bit of comedy in our lives, and why not add it into our workouts. Take a look at the names of these arm exercises…

Sexy armsI hadn’t heard of “the monkey” before seeing this, but it is certainly a move I will be adding into my workout schedule. Now all I need are some small weights.

I can be fairly good with eating healthy during the week – as long as I prepare what I take to work for lunch – but the weekends are really hard, and where I tend to let myself down. I think I need a printout of this pic on my kitchen cupboards…

ruin your progressPut something similar up in your kitchen so that you have a constant reminder to stick to your goals!

suck it upA good reminder for all of us – suck it up and push through the initial rough patch of getting into good habits, because once they are part of our routine, we won’t have to suck in the gut!

Staying on a similar vein…

Anti-Bloating FoodsIt’s handy to know which foods are good for you. And the fact that these are all ‘Anti Bloat Foods’ is another pro for these products. Keep eating healthy and fight that bloated feeling at the same time!

I know I mentioned the 30 day plank challenge earlier. Well, here is another 30 day challenge – this time for Squats. Do you think you can do it?

30 day squat challengeJoin me next month and we will complete it together!

Do you need a new morning routine? How about giving this one a go….

Do you like what you see?I don’t have time to do all of this every morning, but I do need to stop groaning and covering my head with a pillow when the alarm goes of at 6am! Maybe I will work up to this!?!

I need to get rid of my “love handles” and this exercise looks like a good one to do just that…

love handlesAnd you don’t need any additional equipment to do it – you can just lie on the floor (although a yoga mat or something similar might be a bit comfier than the carpet/wooden flooring).

If losing a bit of extra weight isn’t reason enough for you to get exercising, take a look at the following 50 reasons…

50 reasonsI know I want to improve a number of these things! Let us know in the comments below which one is most important to you.

This is definitely the workout for me…..

lazy girls workoutAnd again, no special equipment needed (although the yoga mat I have will save me getting burns from my horrible carpet).

And finally, keeping to the recent tradition, I am going to close with another great workout t-shirt…

currently training🙂


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