Favorite Things Friday – Week 9

Sorry for the delay this week – I have been constantly on the go and when I got home from work last night I made a quick call and then went straight to sleep. And then I have been busy again today.

So here is my Fave Things from this past week, inspired by one of the things on my Big Bucket List…..

Host a Masquuerade Ball

And I got to thinking – what would I wear to a ball if I hosted or went to one?

Thankfully, I have a whole host of ideas for dresses should this happen……

Ball 1

But would it be a figure hugging dress like these gorgeous Ziad Nakad Haute Couture from the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection…..

Ziad Nakad HC 1Ziad Nakad HC 2Ziad Nakad HC 3Ziad Nakad HC 4Ziad Nakad HC 5Ziad Nakad HC 6

Or maybe a full-skirted dress like these fabulous gowns….

Full Skirt 1Full Skirt 2Full Skirt 3Full Skirt 4Full Skirt 5Full Skirt 6Full Skirt 7Full Skirt 8

And then of course you need a mask….

Mask 1Mask 2Mask 3Mask 4Mask 5Mask 6

Ladies, what would you wear to the ball?


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