Week 11 of Workout Wednesday

In week 11 we are going to focus on Healthy Eating for Workout Wednesday.

So, read on for some useful hints and tips…

Portion SizesFirst up – a quick table demonstrating portion sizes. Something we all tend to misjudge. Hopefully this will help.

Fruit Infused WaterSome tasty ways to add more flavour to the water we need to drink every day. And some of these fruits can give additional benefits too – just see below – double whammy!

Fruit for healthTasty and good for you – I definitely need to incorporate more fruit into my diet!

Memory Boosting Super FoodsFoods that fight Alzheimer’s? Not something I am likely to get in the near future, but it is always worth building defences now. And if we get into the habit of eating good foods like this when we are young, we can reduce the risk of developing diseases like Alzheimer’s later in life.

10 ThingsI know I tend to eat when I am bored – so these are some great things to do instead.

 How does waterI am always refilling my water bottle, whether I am at home or work – and when I go out and about, I always take an extra bottle so I have enough (and to save money)! Thankfully, at work the water cooler is right next to my desk, so I don’t have to go far to get a refill!

VitaminsI have been told by a number of healthcare professionals that vitamins are essential to our well-being. But I can never remember to take the multi-vitamin tablet they always seem to recommend. So here is a handy and clear chart that shows what vitamins are essential for and what foods we can eat to get them in our bodies.

CravingsI tend to crave certain ‘unhealthy’ foods at different points throughout the day, so this is a great chart detailing exactly what my body actually needs! I think I need to have this printed out a few times and easily accessible for when the cravings hit!

Do's and Dont'sSo, the Do’s and Dont’s of clean eating – always a good thing to keep in mind!

zero calorie foodsZERO CALORIE FOODS!!!

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this – gotta add most of these onto my next shopping list!

think before you eatI know this infographic might look a bit extreme, but it is something that is good to remember before you tuck into that amazing smelling slice of pizza, or start slurping up that milkshake. The consequences of consuming these foods, is having to do that bit more exercise to counteract them. So the next time you head to McDonald’s or KFC for a quick bite, think of the 2+ hours on the elliptical or the 1+ hour on the stationary bike you will have to do if you dig in.

It certainly got me thinking (and regretting the slice of pizza I had at lunch)!

And to end with a bit of humour – as well as the usual t-shirt….


Share your healthy eating tips in the comments below!

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