Busy Times and New Content

Well now folks. It has been a busy time here at Poppy Rose! I have been working non stop at my day job, and been soooo tired when I get home that I just haven’t had the energy to write anything to post. I have been away visiting family this weekend and just got back this evening feeling refreshed and uplifted.

I have a few new posts in the works that I am hoping to finish over the next few days, so stay tuned for them appearing over the next week or so as I can’t wait to share them with you!


I have another post about Outlander lined up, talking about the first 8 episodes from Season 1 of the tv series on Starz. And maybe some quotes from the 8th book, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood! I started reading it a week ago, haven’t got too far, but I do keep picking it up when I have a spare few minutes! I am loving it so far!!!!!!!


I also have a post highlighting Vinted, a great app/website to buy/sell/swap clothes, shoes and accessories. I am loving it, and trying to change my wardrobe into something I actually want/love to wear. So, there will be some highlights of what I have bought/swapped, and a few pics of some of the things I am trying to sell/swap atm (with a link to my profile so you can have a look at the rest of it).

31 Days of Printmaking Unleashed

I have finally got round to taking photo’s to continue the ’31 Days of Printmaking Unleashed Challenge’ that I started a while back. As you have probably noticed, I started, but did not complete the challenge. I have a number of posts ready and waiting to get this moving and I am hoping to post the remaining challenge items before the end of the year!

With a few of my friends, I have started an Art Collaboration Project which I will be posting about in more detail soon as well. Currently I am working on canvases with two friends, and hope to get a few more friends involved soon. I am looking to do a full series of canvases in collaboration, and we hope to make prints of the finished pieces as well as greetings cards. And, if we can get enough, I would absolutely LOVE to have a display (even if it was just for one night) to showcase the finished canvases! I just need to get cracking on the ones I have started already, and get a few more friends involved!

Literary Sign

Following this picture I shared in one of my ‘Favorite Things Friday’ posts a few weeks ago (Week 6), I have been on the hunt for some driftwood to start my own Fictional Sign Post! I have managed to get a few more pieces that will work, and can’t wait to start painting the place names onto them! There will be some before and after shots coming soon (after I decide which places to start with)!

So, that is a little highlight of what you will be seeing soon on the blog.


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