Workout Wednesday – Week 12

Straight into it this week because we are running a bit behind!

WaterNow, I have mentioned water a lot, but it is always good to have regular reminders of how much it can benefit us! I am getting a lot better at drinking water regularly – I always carry a bottle with me, regularly refilling it throughout the day. I have certainly noticed a difference in my energy levels and general well-being since I started to drink more water every day!

100%I am not a particular fan of Arnie, but this is certainly a good quote to remember. We do have to believe 100% that we can reach our goals, otherwise we are never going to fully commit to achieving them!

Back FlexibilityI have struggled with a sore back on and off for years. After doing these stretches (the ones I could do at least) I have felt a big difference! It is improving my posture, and even helping when I do other exercises, ensuring that I keep the right poses, and don’t put any unnecessary strain on my body. Worth a try wouldn’t you say?

Burn FatI know it says ‘Thursday’ at the top of this article, but it can’t hurt to have it up on a Wednesday. A 25 minute workout just jumping around. I didn’t think it would do much, but boy can I feel it in all my muscles!!! I will certainly be doing it again, just not inside my flat cus my neighbour wasn’t too impressed with the noise.

 BalanceWe all need to get the perfect balance of these four elements of living a healthy lifestyle!

Drinking enough water each day to stay hydrated, exercising to keep our bodies strong, eating healthy foods to boost and maintain our bodies, and sleeping well so that our bodies have enough time to heal before we start a new day!

Getting the right balance can be tricky to start with, but once you get into a good routine and stick to it, the balance becomes easy to handle, and you can’t remember how you ever managed without it.

good habitsGood point!

rock climbingI read this somewhere recently – “Climbing walls are becoming the new fitness regime for those who are bored of pumping iron.” Well, personally I have never been into “pumping iron” but I certainly do love going rock climbing. I went the other weekend with some friends of mine. We took it in turns to climb & belay and I could certainly feel the effects in my arms and core that afternoon as well as for the next few days.

Now that I am registered at my local rock climbing centre as being qualified to belay, I certainly hope to make it back there on a regular basis. I might even invest in some proper gear which over time will reduce the outgoing cost of going climbing regularly!

And to finish up, another motivational fitness t-shirt…..

Exercise gives you endorphinsGotta love Legally Blonde!


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