Week 13 of Workout Wednesday

We are back to regular posting now here at PoppyRose!

And kicking off we have a few fun t-shirts to keep you motivated when you are working out…

slow runnersFor those of us who haven’t quite found the right rhythm to go any faster!

ignore the facesI know I make quite a few when I go out for a run! LOL!

a little sweatThe above t-shirt kinda goes with this next one…

earn your shower

And now some workout t-shirts for all those gals who LOVE Disney…

forget the glass slipperSurely princesses wear both – don’t they?

FrozenFrozen madness swept across the world, now you can get a fitness top to match!

happily ever afterWe are all looking for our own happily ever after!

fairytalesI love a good fairy tale, don’t you?

race you to the castleWho’s up for a little race?

run like its midnightYou can’t get caught out after midnight – run!

forgotten princessWell, maybe not, but we can all dream!

train like a beastTale as old as time!

And in honour of the upcoming release of The Mockingjay Part 1…

Hunger GamesJust in case!

Anyone a Doctor Who fan?

Doctor Who

Now for some really girly ones…

muscles & mascara I don’t wear mascara when I workout, but it looks even better when you know you have done a really good workout and your eyes have that happy shine!

pearls & push-upsAgain, not the best thing to wear when working out!

sparkleNot like Edward Cullen, more like Tiffany’s!

Now for a few that I really like…

stronger than yesterdayHopefully at least!

I really like foodUnderstatement!

fluffI have quite a bit of “fluff”! 🙂

fat cryingIt cries a lot when I workout!

RIP fatIt is not coming back!

not swaggerToo true! Not that I have any swag in the first place!

sore as hellNeed to keep going back to get the results you want!

better sore than sorrySorry for missing another workout in my case! Need to get back out there!

drop itAnd drop it to get hot!

hit the gymIt certainly helps work off the negative feelings!

working out makes me feelWorking towards feeling like this!

if foundI’m not working toward a race, but if I was – this is the top I would pick!

stud muffins/cupcakeNot taken at the moment – but it is still a great top!

yogaI don’t do yoga, but it is something that I am trying to incorporate into my workout routine because it does stretch you out!

iron manNuff said ladies!

leave me aloneI want this for when I head to the gym!

skinny/fitI don’t want to be skinny (been there and it wasn’t fun), but fit – I definitely want to be that!

Now, for those of us with a faith in the bible, these T’s are quite good…

run and not grow wearyIsaiah 40:31 maybe didn’t have fitness in mind, but it does make for a good workout quote!

she is strongYes ladies, we are not entirely the weaker sex!

And finally, a pic I sent to my sister, and a workout top I REALLY want to get for her as it is perfect…

run now

What do you think ladies – seen one you like?

Don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know which one is your fave! Or send us pics of any others that you love!


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