Street Art – Part 1

Hi all! I finally managed to get a free afternoon to go and take some more photographs to follow on from the sneak peek that I posted the other week!

I had a really nice walk around the Centre of Bristol, even though it was a bit chilly!

First off on my quick tour was a Banksy…

Banksy - Park StreetWhenever I go down Park Street in Bristol I always see people taking photo’s of this piece. Even with the additional paint splats that have been added since it was originally done.

Hardly anyone looks down at the art below it though…

DSCF4115Below the Banksy is a very detailed and creative piece that I thought was great!

DSCF4117DSCF4119DSCF4120DSCF4121DSCF4118DSCF4123DSCF4122Each section was well thought out, and terrifically painted.

Directly round the corner from this piece was an unusual piece which I really liked too…


I then moved on a bit, round into the Centre by the harbourside where I found Wallace & Gromit…

DSCF4127DSCF4129I love that they put cheese on his hat!

DSCF4130DSCF4128And this little guy is really cute!

Then I moved onto the ‘See No Evil’ gallery along Quay & Nelson St. Although a number of the pieces are no longer there due to buildings being redeveloped, there are still a number of great paintings still there.


This was the sign of a cafe – very well done…

DSCF4136DSCF4137DSCF4138The detail is amazing!

I only just glimpsed this as I was getting the close-ups of the cafe sign…

DSCF4139DSCF4141Looks really good in B&W – soooooo glad I didn’t miss it!

These have all been painted on the partition around a building site along the ‘See No Evil’ gallery…


Off one of the side streets I found this…

DSCF4144DSCF4145I wasn’t able to get the best of shots because it was enclosed behind fencing around another building site. It’s a great piece though.

DSCF4160DSCF4162Another one from the ‘See No Evil’ gallery.

DSCF4163This was on the side of a Chinese Karaoke Bar & Restaurant and I just had to snap a quick pic!

DSCF4164DSCF4165I love the Cherry Blossom!!!

DSCF4167DSCF4168These two were behind more building site fences, hence the funny angles of the pictures. But still great pictures.

And finally, this is another picture from the ‘See No Evil’ gallery…


This is just a small collection that I managed to get on a short walk today.

There are soooo many more pieces in and around Bristol that are fantastic showcases of Street Art.

I will be running a continuing series of posts featuring Street Art, mainly from Bristol, but I will always be on the lookout for great pieces, wherever I go.

The next Street Art post will feature pictures from The Bear Pit, and I will dedicate a whole post to Stokes Croft & Cheltenham/Gloucester Road. I will certainly be aiming to get all of the Bristol Banksy’s!

So, stay tuned for more great pictures of Street Art!

Have you got any brilliant pieces in your city/town? We would love to see them, and if we get sent enough, might even do a post on them!


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