1000 Readers & 2015

1000 Readers

Yay – we have now surpassed the 1000 mark!

It is great to see so many readers from across the world!

I still can’t believe how many people have viewed my blog, and the amount of different countries you guys are from continues to amaze me!

Thank you so much for coming to read what I post!

Welcome to 2015 everyone!

New Year Wallpaper.

This year is looking to be good already!

I have a few great posts that I am just putting the finishing touches to. These will be uploaded in the next couple of weeks.

I have booked a holiday to Paris in April which I am really looking forward to. It will be a long weekend away, and my first trip abroad on my own! I will be visiting all the big sights, and trying to cram in a few of the hidden gems while I am there. So if you have any places you would like to recommend, do leave a comment below – I would love to know where you think is great!

I think I might have mentioned this before, but I am doing an art collaboration with a couple of friends. We are nearly finished one of the canvases, so I will hopefully be able to post some pictures of that soon (along with a full explanation of what we have been doing). The other one is still in the beginning stages, and I haven’t yet had a chance to put my mark on the canvas (I should be getting it soon though). So I will keep you all posted about how they are going!

This year I will be focusing back on my creative process, getting my paints out more often. So you will be seeing more of what I get up to in my spare time, and hopefully I will be able to finish the 31 Days of Printmaking posts. I got a bit stuck with them, and wasn’t able to move forward, but I have been slowly working on them when I have had a chance. The next post in the series should be finalised next week so check back then to keep up!

Seeing as how I missed bringing in the New Year (and didn’t get ANY photo’s of all the great fireworks) – I will leave you with this photo I took earlier in the year…

Frazzle Firework


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