I spent the weekend with my dad a couple of weeks ago. We spent the Saturday at Slimbridge, our local Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust site.

It was great to get out and take some photo’s with him!

Swan 1

Swan 2

Swan 3

Swan 4

Swan 5

The swans were truly majestic! Look at the detail of those feathers!

Swan 6

Flamingo 1

Flamingo 2

The Flamingoes were gorgeous – loving the pink!

Flamingo 3

Flamingo 4

Flamingo 5

Flamingo 6

Coot 1

Okay, now Coots are great little birds. Black and white is a classic colour combo, but check out the feet on these guys……

Coot 2

Weird or what?

Coot 3

Those are some funky looking feet!


And from funky feet to great “hair” – these ducks were rocking some fab fro’s!


Not sure what species they are, but they have some cool feathers!


Check them out all together!

Moorhen 1

And going back to funky feet – these Moorhens are just as cool!

Moorhen 2

Mallard 1

I love the colours on these Mallards….

Mallard 2

The greens and blues on their heads are amazing!

Mallard 3

It’s just like the colour of a few drops petrol in a puddle of water reflecting in the sun!

We found a really great Teepee in one area. The swan on the top looked a bit the worse for wear, but the rest was pretty cool!

Teepee 1Teepee 2Teepee 3Teepee 4 Teepee 5 Teepee 6


The detail in the pattern on these two really caught my eye!


And look at the subtle colours in the tips of this ones wings!





Heron 1

This guy was stood in front of the Flamingoes to start with, standing there looking magnificent!

Heron 2

The Heron then stepped into the water and started walking off!

Heron 3

I can’t believe how much detail I managed to get of his feathers fluttering in the breeze!

Heron 4

Heron 5

He then looked really shifty – like he was skulking off!

Heron 6

Heron 7

Until I spotted him round the corner in all his fluttering glory again! I think he just wanted to find a spot in the sun as the spot near the flamingoes went a bit shady.

Green Head 1

The green shine on these guys heads was really cool!Green Head 2

Green Head 3

Green Head 4

Argentine Ruddy Duck 1

This lovely little Argentine Ruddy Duck was quite unassuming, then I saw one of the males…

Argentine Ruddy Duck 4

Initially unassuming too (though a gorgeous brown hue)… but check out what he looks like when he brought his head up…

Argentine Ruddy Duck 5


Argentine Ruddy Duck 6

Argentine Ruddy Duck 7

This guy was a real character too – after preening on the bank, he then proceeded to “strut” around in the water with his tail feathers held high!

He wasn’t the only one with a blue beak either. Check out this Puna Teal…

Puna Teal 1

Puna Teal 2

Fronds 1

These fronds fluttering in the wind really caught my eye.Fronds 2

We had a plant like this in the garden when I was a kid, and it has been a couple of years since I have seen one.Fronds 3

The fronds looked really cool against the blue sky!

Red Bush 1

Another plant that caught my eye was the red branches on this bush.

We moved to one of the hides then, not much to see initially so I had switched my camera off for a few minutes. Big mistake!

Canada Geese 1

Three Canada Geese swooped in…

Canada Geese 2

I barely managed to turn my camera back on in time to catch the 3rd one landing.

They looked really good once they had settled onto the water though…

Canada Geese 3

Next was the Kingfisher Hide, but we didn’t manage to spot any Kingfishers.

I did see this Mallard a bit further down the stream…

Kingfisher Hide 1

And this little guy kept popping in and out of the water…

Kingfisher Hide 2

Kingfisher Hide 3

Kingfisher Hide 5

Kingfisher Hide 4

We stayed for quite a while, but still no Kingfishers turned up. 😦

Now, I want to play a quick game of hide and seek with the bird in this next photo…

Hide and Seek 1

Can you spot the Buzzard? I’ll zoom a bit closer…

Buzzard 1

See him now? It is still a bit far away though.

He did fly off from this perch and I managed to get a shot of him in motion…

Buzzard 2

He then landed on a fence post…

Buzzard 3

Where he is just as hard to spot…

Buzzard 4

They have some really good camouflage in their feathers!

Rook 1

We first spotted this Rook in the trees, making some really odd clicking noises…

Rook 2

Then he turned up near our picnic bench, again making the clicking noises!Rook 3

His feathers had some amazing colours to them though!Rook 4

Goes to prove that even though they look pure black from a distance…Rook 5The colours vary quite a bit!

My camera started to die just after this. It was really cold that day, a bit too cold for the battery! 😦

But I did manage to get a few more shots of some of the other Flamingoes…

Flamingo 7

Flamingo 8

Flamingo 9

All in all, it was a great day out and I got to take some fantastic photos, before the battery died!

I will leave you with a few more shots from the day…

DSC02031 DSC02059 DSC02060 DSC02074DSC02075 DSC02078 Snowdrops 1


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