My Recent Adventures Part 1 – Bath

I lost my job almost 3 weeks ago…teary-eyed-emoticon

But I have been trying to keep busy while searching for a job.

I have done a couple of trips on my own, and then I have been staying with my parents for nearly two weeks and gone on loads of adventures with all the family. It has been great fun!

And of course, I have taken loads of photo’s.

So, take a look below at some of the pics I managed to snap from my first trip, which was to Bath 3 Saturdays ago. I took a group of international students from an English Language school on a guided tour. Enjoy…

Bath 1Bath 2Bath 3

Pig 1

This was a fun little statue (see the below plaque for more info)Pig 2

Seems to go with this statue which was in the park round the corner…

Pig 3Pig 4

Some shots from the cathedral and baths…

Cathedral 1Cathedral 2Bath 4Cathedral 3

I managed to get a few panorama’s of the Royal Crescent…

Royal Crescent 1Royal Crescent 2

And there was some gorgeous blossom on some of the trees around…

Blossom 1Blossom 2Blossom 3Blossom 4Blossom 5Blossom 6Blossom 7

This lion looked pretty regal…


There was also a cool Yarn Bombing Art Installation in the centre…

Yarn Bomb 1Yarn Bomb 2Yarn Bomb 3Yarn Bomb 4Yarn Bomb 5Yarn Bomb 6Yarn Bomb 7

It was a great day out, and the weather was gorgeous! Some of the historical facts I noted down to tell the students about were really interesting, and they seemed to really enjoy it too which was fab!

Tune in again over the next few days for the next installment of my recent adventures!

In the meantime – Have a fab day wherever you are in the world!


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