My Recent Adventures Part 3 – Hanbury Hall

My first adventure with my family once I got to my parents 3 weeks ago was to Hanbury Hall, a National Trust site in Worcestershire…

Hanbury Hall 1

Here are some of the pictures I took of things that caught my eye as we wandered round…

Hanbury Hall 2

The details in the wrought iron work on the front gate was beautiful!

Hanbury Hall 3

This clock tower and weathervane looked really pretty atop the hall.

Hanbury Hall 30

I noticed this structure by the front gate which captured my attention, especially the stained glass window and tiles inside…

Hanbury Hall 31

Some of the details I spotted inside…

Hanbury Hall 5Hanbury Hall 6Hanbury Hall 4

Hanbury Hall 7

This miniature chess set was beautifully carved!

Hanbury Hall 8

Hanbury Hall 10Hanbury Hall 13

Hanbury Hall 11

Out of all the paintings around Hanbury Hall, this is the only one I photographed. Something about her really appealed to me, still not quite sure exactly what though.

They had some really nice pieces of crockery in the different rooms. Take a look below at the ones I thought stood out…

Hanbury Hall 12Hanbury Hall 15Hanbury Hall 16Hanbury Hall 17

The blue tones in these four are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Hanbury Hall 9

Hanbury Hall 14

Even though I don’t drink tea, I quite fancy having a little tea set like this – so ornate!

Out beside the children’s play area they had a little spot where you can build your own wigwam. Here are some of the ones that other people had made…

Hanbury Hall 23Hanbury Hall 24

There were some pretty flowers in the courtyard and gardens as well…

Hanbury Hall 18Hanbury Hall 19Hanbury Hall 20Hanbury Hall 21Hanbury Hall 27Hanbury Hall 29

We didn’t have enough time to look around all the gardens, but I thought the structure in one of them was really cool…

Hanbury Hall 25Hanbury Hall 26

This was the first of many trips with my family, and it was great fun! We had a lovely afternoon, with a cream tea in the upstairs tea rooms. And it was somewhere my Step-Dad had wanted to go for a long time, so it was great to see him enjoy it!

Have you been to any National Trust sites recently? Let us know in the comments!


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