My Recent Adventures Part 5 – Hidcote Gardens

Another of the trips we took was up to Hidcote Gardens. This is another National Trust site, and is absolutely gorgeous!

Take a look at some of the plants and flowers that I captured below… Blue Flower 2Blue Flower 1Blue Flower 4Blue Flower 5Blue Flower 6Blue Flower 7Blue Flower 8Blue Flower 11Blue Flower 13Blue Flower 14Blue Flower 12Blue Flower 10

White Flower 1White Flower 2White Flower 3White Flower 4White Flower 5White Flower 6White Flower 7White Flower 8White Flower 9White Flower 10

Yellow Flower 1 Yellow Flower 2 Yellow Flower 3 Yellow Flower 4 Yellow Flower 5

Hellebore 1 Hellebore 2 Hellebore 3 Hellebore 4 Hellebore 5Hellebore 6Hellebore 7

The magnolia’s around the garden were absolutely stunning!

Magnolia 1Magnolia 2Magnolia 3Magnolia 4Magnolia 7Magnolia 8Magnolia 9Magnolia 10Magnolia 11Magnolia 13Magnolia 14Magnolia 15Magnolia 16

Hyacinth 1 Hyacinth 2 Primrose 1 Primrose 2 Primrose 3

Tree 4Tree 1Tree 2006Steps

These next pics are of some of the plants that I thought had really cool shapes/structures…

001002003004005Grass 1

The buds on this tree were just starting to break open…Buds 1Buds 2

The fields around the gardens looked really good, even with the overcast sky…

Field 1Field 2

And in one field there were some sheep and lambs. This one started munching on a twig…


They have a fountain there, and I must have taken about 20 or so pics of it, but this is the only one I liked…


The final three pictures from the day. I hope you have enjoyed a peak into Hidcote Gardens, but believe me when I say, nothing beats actually being there and seeing it all for yourself!

Pink Flower 3Pink Flower 2Pink Flower 1


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