Favorite Things Friday – Travel Tips – Week 15


I thought this week’s Fave Things Friday would be best served covering some travel tips. I am on a trip to Paris after all. So, here are some of the tips and trips that I flagged on Pinterest in the run up to my holiday…

First up I found this great 50 Things infographic ( I had to chop it down a bit into separate pics so it was visible):

50 things a traveller should know 150 things a traveller should know 250 things a traveller should know 350 things a traveller should know 450 things a traveller should know 550 things a traveller should know 650 things a traveller should know 750 things a traveller should know 850 things a traveller should know 950 things a traveller should know 1050 things a traveller should know 1150 things a traveller should know 12

Leave us a comment below with your score! I only got 11, so definitely room to improve! Can’t wait to travel some more!

Tourist vs Traveller

Are you a typical tourist, or do you try to be more like a traveler? Let us know in the comments below!

Some Fun Travel Facts…

Fun Travel Facts 2Fun Travel Facts 3Fun Travel Facts 4Fun Travel Facts 5Fun Travel Facts 6Fun Travel Facts 7Fun Travel Facts 8Fun Travel Facts 9Fun Travel Facts 10

A few safety tips to remember…

Ten Solo Female Travel Safety TipsThis link is especially useful for female travellers, but is also good for couples, families and groups. Worth at least a cursory read over!

Healthy plane travelFollow the link in this pic to a great infographic on things to remember for your health when you travel.

24 tips for nervous flyersSome or all of these tips might come in handy if you don’t feel at ease in the air! Not sure I will need any of these (haven’t flown in over 7 years and can’t really remember whether or not I got worked up), but I will be taking some form of gum/chewy sweet with me to munch on during takeoff as my ears tend to pop.

My destination for this trip is Paris. So I thought I would include some links to a few of the guides I looked at beforehand to get an idea of what to do while there…

Map of Paris

First off, a quick map of all the BIG things, just so I know roughly where they are!

50 Cool Things to Do in ParisOf course, you have to cover all the BIG attractions, but then what? This link was really helpful and has given me a HUGE list of places to search out while I am here!

Paris - Part 1This post has also given me a few places to try and get to over my long weekend away!

Best Streets in Paris for walksAnd hopefully this will prove useful as well! Not that I will be getting bored in 4 days, but will be a good list to have on hand for future trips when I have more time to explore properly.

25 most useful french phrasesAnd they aren’t just useful when you are studying. I am pretty sure I will be using a few of these phrases on my trip!

There are soooooo many more itineraries and lists of things to do online, not only for Paris, but just about every other major destination you can think of. If you have an upcoming trip, I am sure you can find some new places to go once you get there!

 Lastly, some packing tips. as it got closer to the date I was due to fly out I started looking up what I should think of packing, not only in my suitcase, but my carry-on as well. Take a look at some of the pictures and links below to see what I found…

Packing - 2 weeks in 1 carry-on

Even though I’m not going away for 2 full weeks, this pic helped a lot. It gave me an idea of exactly how much I could pack into a small suitcase if needed.

Pack Lighter - 5-4-3-2-1

This was great. Exactly what I needed! And I think I pretty much stuck to it.

What not to packOkay, so maybe not a necessary link for a long weekend in Paris, but still a worthwhile post to look at. And, there were plenty more tips and ideas on The Travel Hack blog. (I will be sharing more on this blog soon!)

what's in my carry-onThis was another great link that I am glad I found. I tend to be over-prepared when it comes to travelling (not that I have done much, other than back and forth to my parents). It was great to see each item laid out as well, instead of just a written list.

Carry on Essentials

And just to be thorough, another quick guide to carry-on essentials!

Now, I had everything packed and ready to go the night before so I didn’t have a last-minute panic (inevitably I did anyway). I had sooooo many lists of things that I can do while I am away (don’t know how much I will get through, but I am crossing them off as I go). Pretty prepared, if not overly so. I even cleaned my flat before leaving as my landlord needed to do some work while I was away.

I hope this helps you. I know looking up all these pics & links shook up a few tips I had forgotten about.

I hope your next holiday goes smoothly and you get to have fun, relax and explore!



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