My Recent Adventures Part 6 – Raglan Castle

Catching back up on my exploits from over the Easter break with my family. Just finished uploading the last of the photos from my camera onto my laptop, so I can finally get them up here on the blog!

On Easter Monday we took a trip down to Raglan Castle just across the Welsh border. The weather was fantastic with wonderfully blue skies…


They had a bit of a medieval fayre going on while we were there…DSC02832DSC02833DSC02846


I spotted a Buzzard after climbing the tower…



I let my niece, Miss P, have a go with my camera while we were there. She has a good eye…

Poppy 6 Poppy 7 Poppy 8 Poppy 1 Poppy 2 Poppy 3 Poppy 4 Poppy 5

While we were there they did a performance as well, involving a knight, joker and a dragon. I didn’t stick around to watch it, but by the size of the crowd who sat/stood around the performance area & the noise they made, it seemed to be a great show!

All in all it was a great day. We went across the Severn Bridge and spent a little time at Severn Beach before having tea in my flat & heading back to my mum’s house!

Fab day and Raglan is well worth travelling to if you can get there!

One more post coming soon in this section from my trips at Easter. Then I will be covering what I have done since, including my holiday in Paris over last weekend! Can’t wait to share all the photo’s I took there with you! If you follow me on Instagram then you will have already seen some candid shots from my time in France! 🙂


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