Music Monday – On A Loop

Starting off fresh this week – and bringing you some of my new fave songs!

First up we have the lovely Rachel Platten…

Rachel Platten

These are the two songs I love of hers atm…


Love them both and generally have them on a loop with the rest of the songs below!

Next up is the fab Hailee Steinfeld…

Hailee Steinfeld

And she has this great song out atm…

Have a listen and then blast it from the rooftops!!!

Sara Bareilles has been around for a number of years now…

Sara Bareilles

But I am in love with her new song…

What do you think? Great huh!?

And moving away from the gals, we have Andy Grammer…

Andy Grammer

His so ‘Honey I’m Good’ is a definite toe-tapper and might even get you dancing!

Do you like these songs too? What are the songs you have on a loop atm?

Let us know in the comments below!!!! 🙂


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