TV Tuesday – NCIS

I thought I would share one of my all time favourite TV shows today, one that has been going for 12 years now and has just started airing Season 13.

Which show is that?


The cast is fabulous…

NCIS current cast

Especially the guys who have been there from the start…

NCIS from the start

Each of these characters has grown and developed so much over the years, and it has been great to watch it happen.

A few changes from the initial team with Sasha Alexander as Caitlin Todd…

NCIS with Caitlin Todd

Then we had Cote De Pablo join as Ziva David…

NCIS with Ziva David

I especially love Abby Sciuto as the crazy, but lovable Lab Tech…

Abby Sciuto

I mean come on, I don’t know any other character that can rock this outfit and get away with wearing it to work, in a crime lab for the Navy…. you?

Abby Sciuto 2

You also have Leroy Jethro Gibbs…

Jethro Gibbs

Hasn’t changed much over the years, except maybe for the brief appearance of the mustache…

Jethro Gibbs mustache

Tony Dinozzo has been there from the start…

Tony Dinozzo

A serial flirt, full of mischief and film references he has matured through difficulty as the seasons progress. Still as spiffy as ever in his suits though…

Tony Dinozzo 2

Who can forget Tim McGee, from ‘Probie’…

Tim Mcgee

To fully fledged Agent…

Tim McGee 2

Tim has grown into himself over the years and is no longer just the ‘geeky’ author we see from the start!

And let’s not forget the original Man from U.N.C.L.E., David McCallum himself as Ducky…


The granddad every NCIS fan wants!

And then you have Ziva…

Ziva David

Great from the start, but then you get…

Ziva David 2

But we all know…

Ziva David 3

I know we have the lovely Emily Wickersham now as the adorably nerdy Ellie Bishop…

Ellie Bishop

But for a lot of us the NCIS family will always consist of…

NCIS family

A few of my fave NCIS memes to make you chuckle…

Jethro Gibbs 3 Ziva David 4

Some of McGee’s nicknames anyone?Mcgee

And to round off any good post about NCIS, you cannot forget….

Gibbs Rules

So what are some of your fave TV shows? Let us know in the comments, and tune in again soon for some more of mine!


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