Music Monday – The Piano Guys

Double whammy today – has anyone heard of The Piano Guys before?

The Piano Guys

No – Scroll down then go and check them out on YouTube now!!!

Yes – well I’m going to share a few videos anyway!

This video popped up on my Facebook feed the other day and I just knew I had to share it with you all! You know I shared Rachel Platten’s Fight Song the other week, have a listen to this take on it…..

Isn’t it perfect, how it mixes with Amazing Grace, the pipers & drums, and I love where they filmed it – the iconic Eilean Donan Castle in Dornie, Scotland, a phenomenal piece of countryside!!!

And what other songs have they played I hear you ask?!

Here’s a few more I love…

Again, another twist on a HUGE song, this time by Coldplay. I love how Alex Boye incorporates/translates Swahili, Yoruba & African “scat” in with the original words in English. And again, amazing setting for the video!

This one is another twist on an original, Swedish House Mafia’s Don’t You Worry Child sung in Sanskrit(?) and Hindi by Shweta Subram who wears two absolutely gorgeous traditional outfits!!!

Slightly different way to play the piano here. Yes I know it’s a One Direction song, but the way they play What Makes You Beautiful is kinda cool don’t you agree?

This one features Lindsey Stirling (I’ll do a proper post on her next week as she is also great) with The Guys playing the Mission Impossible theme. Bit of a funny vid, with some cool ‘spy’ stuff going on!

This is another fab mash-up of two songs – David Guetta’s Titanium & Faure’s Pavane – beautifully done. And they have a second version – here – with Tyler Ward singing which is also amazeballs!

That’s it for now; as I said before, go check them out on YouTube here and listen to a few more of their tunes! You might even feel like buying an album or tickets to see them on their upcoming tour!!!


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