Favourite Things Friday – Week 17 – Etsy

Bringing back Favourite Things Friday. Not sure if it will be regular again, but here is at least one post to keep you going!

I recently got back onto Etsy – no I don’t have anything for sale yet, none of the stuff I make is anywhere close to Etsy quality atm – but I am looking at other people’s stuff.

You know how on Insta it is sooooo easy to ♥ a pic – well, it’s just as easy (at least for me anyway) to do the same sorta thing on Etsy. As I found out the other night and added 99 items to my favourites list within about 20 minutes and that was just based of suggested items. I didn’t even start going in and searching for stuff, cus I would then have been absolutely lost and my faves list would have been about as big as the number of Pin’s I have on Pinterest by now.

So, without further ado, here are some of the things I saved in my list, along with some of the seller details in case you wanna do some online shopping (hint, hint)…

First up are these Druzy Rings by KukeeUK are really cool. I think they look funky as!

Next in line we have these sweet Key Fobs by BagEnvy – I sooo totally want the mint one, no the coral one, no the arrows, no all of them! Lol!

Keeping the jewellery theme up, this Nebula Necklace rules. It’s by Necklacesbymermaid, go find your own! 🙂

These raw opal studs are beautiful. Made by MyPerception, I really think everyone should have a pair!

This rainbow moonstone ring also caught my eye. It’s by DonBiuSilver and I completely fell in love – I mean intricate silver around that stone, DUH!

Moving into clothing now, this silk dress was hand painted by CaprichoSilk and looks stunning! I’d love to wear it all summer long!!!

Doesn’t this Hawaiian Rockabilly dress by LadyMayraClothing rock? I certainly thing it does. I’m not a huge one for pattern, but I would love to add this dress to my wardrobe!

I really need to learn to make these myself, but for now, I might just buy some of these flower doilies by rachaelsscraps.

My sister loves this adult colouring craze going on at the moment, and this instant download from PaulaKimStudio will definitely keep her going for a while! I might give it a go too.

And finally, I am becoming a MASSIVE fan of washi tape (bit late to the game, I know) and i definitely hit the motherload on Etsy….

So many pretty things all in one place – go check out some of the links and shop a little; it’ll be good, I promise! I can’t wait to explore a bit more and share some more of my fave things from Etsy with you again. Pretty sure there is gonna be waaaay more soon!

Have you got any favourite items/sellers on Etsy? Share them with us in the comments below, we would love to see them, and maybe share some too!

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