Film Friday 2016 Part 1

Back again with some upcoming films that I am looking forward to this year…

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

I know this is out already but I haven’t been able to go & see it yet. Looking forward to it!

London Has Fallen

Sooo can’t wait to go see this with my friend – hopefully next week! Looks Explosive!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

I’ve seen the trailer for this and I definitely think it’s worth a watch!

Allegiant Part 1

Next installment of the Divergent Series. Looks to be a thrilling ride!

Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice

One of this years most anticipated films! I am NOT going to miss this!!!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Back for round 2 of the Big Fat Greek Wedding phenomenon! Are you ready?

The Boss

Melissa McCarthy is back to give us a good giggle as ‘The Boss’ – Check out the wig!!

The Jungle Book

I’m interested to see how this has been done. Live action but with CGI animals, much like Life of Pi. Ready for a throwback to your childhood – it’s the bear necessities! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Huntsman Winters War

Chris & Charlize are back – can’t wait to see how magical this film is!

Captain America Civil War

Another highly anticipated film – this time we are back in the MCU! As the poster says – Whose side are you on?

Alice Through The Looking Glass

We go back to wonderland, this time it’s not down the rabbit hole – you coming for a little madness?

X-Men Apocalypse

The X-Men are back and this time, there is a greater threat than ever before!

Me Before You

Going a bit soppy and romantic with this one – but it looks like a great film!


Lots of sequels this year. How will we keep track of them!

Now You See Me 2

Another sequel, this time with way more illusions than before!

Central Intelligence

Have you seen their snapchat war? This film is gonna be great!

Finding Dory

We have been waiting soooo long for this sequel – it better be great Ellen!

Independence Day 2

Again, another looooong wait for this – it’s gonna be epic!

So, what do you think? You gonna see all of these, or give some a miss? Let us know in the comments below!

I’ll be back soon with posters for the films in the 2nd half of the year!


Favorite Things Friday – Week 18 – Costumes for Reign

I’ve recently started watching Reign again starting at the beginning of Series 1 because I missed quite a bit and wanted to catch up properly. It’s a great historical drama, with lots of intrigue and action as well as plenty of romance.


And the costumes are AMAZING!!!!

Reign costumes 2

See what I mean…

Reign costumes 1

So much detail is put into each costume, giving the ladies each their own style, but still looking cohesive!

Even the cloaks for the outdoor scenes are fabulous… Can someone buy/make me the blue one? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Reign costumes 4

I loved the costumes soooo much, I decided to start creating my own versions on Polyvore. It’s a great site with access to images of loads of clothes, shoes, jewellery, etc that you can put together to create outfits. With many styles and colour options available, the number of combinations you can put together is astronomical!

I’ve been a member on Polyvore for about 6 years now, and I still love going on every now and then and creating different outfits. Recently I started creating outfits based on different films/music videos, and now Reign.

Here are the costumes I’ve put together so far:

Queen of Scots

I started off with Mary, Queen of Scotland, played by Adelaide Kane.

Long May She Reign

Creating looks I thought were fit for a young Queen.

Born To Wear A Crown

And of course, I had to include a tiara!

Then I went on to her Ladies in Waiting…

Lady In Waiting

Firstly Lola played by Anna Popplewell…

Lady Lola

Trying to stay close to what could appear on the show.

Lady In Waiting 2

Then I did a couple for Lady Kenna, played by Caitlin Stacey…

Lady Kenna

She always wears things that are a bit floaty and very girly.

I haven’t made any for Lady Greer, Celina Sinden, yet but I’m sure I will in the next few days.

If you want to see these outfits in more detail (including where to find the items in each) as well as the other outfits I have created over the past six years, you can find them on my Polyvore profile – Cathtantya.

I thought I would leave you with one last look at the actual costumes from Reign, so here you go….

Reign costumes 3

See, even the fella’s look great!

Favourite Things Friday – Week 17 – Etsy

Bringing back Favourite Things Friday. Not sure if it will be regular again, but here is at least one post to keep you going!

I recently got back onto Etsy – no I don’t have anything for sale yet, none of the stuff I make is anywhere close to Etsy quality atm – but I am looking at other people’s stuff.

You know how on Insta it is sooooo easy to โ™ฅ a pic – well, it’s just as easy (at least for me anyway) to do the same sorta thing on Etsy. As I found out the other night and added 99 items to my favourites list within about 20 minutes and that was just based of suggested items. I didn’t even start going in and searching for stuff, cus I would then have been absolutely lost and my faves list would have been about as big as the number of Pin’s I have on Pinterest by now.

So, without further ado, here are some of the things I saved in my list, along with some of the seller details in case you wanna do some online shopping (hint, hint)…

First up are these Druzy Rings by KukeeUK are really cool. I think they look funky as!

Next in line we have these sweet Key Fobs by BagEnvy – I sooo totally want the mint one, no the coral one, no the arrows, no all of them! Lol!

Keeping the jewellery theme up, this Nebula Necklace rules. It’s by Necklacesbymermaid, go find your own! ๐Ÿ™‚

These raw opal studs are beautiful. Made by MyPerception, I really think everyone should have a pair!

This rainbow moonstone ring also caught my eye. It’s by DonBiuSilver and I completely fell in love – I mean intricate silver around that stone, DUH!

Moving into clothing now, this silk dress was hand painted by CaprichoSilk and looks stunning! I’d love to wear it all summer long!!!

Doesn’t this Hawaiian Rockabilly dress by LadyMayraClothing rock? I certainly thing it does. I’m not a huge one for pattern, but I would love to add this dress to my wardrobe!

I really need to learn to make these myself, but for now, I might just buy some of these flower doilies by rachaelsscraps.

My sister loves this adult colouring craze going on at the moment, and this instant download from PaulaKimStudio will definitely keep her going for a while! I might give it a go too.

And finally, I am becoming a MASSIVE fan of washi tape (bit late to the game, I know) and i definitely hit the motherload on Etsy….

So many pretty things all in one place – go check out some of the links and shop a little; it’ll be good, I promise! I can’t wait to explore a bit more and share some more of my fave things from Etsy with you again. Pretty sure there is gonna be waaaay more soon!

Have you got any favourite items/sellers on Etsy? Share them with us in the comments below, we would love to see them, and maybe share some too!

Favorite Things Friday – Week 16 – My Mum’s Garden

We are back with a new installment of Favorite Things Friday.

This week I am sharing some photos of flowers in my mum’s garden.

I have collected these pics over the last few visits to see my family. Even though they have a fairly small garden, my mum is still able to cram a lot of flora in there!

Check out some of the lovely flowers she has…

Mum's flowersMum's flowersMum's flowersMum's flowersMum's flowers

Mum's flowersMum's flowers

Mum's flowersMum's flowers

Mum's flowers

Mum's flowersMum's flowersMum's flowers

Mum's flowersMum's flowers

Mum's flowersMum's flowers

Mum's flowersMum's flowers

Mum's flowersMum's flowersMum's flowers

Mum's flowers

Technically this one isn’t in my mum’s garden, its her neighbour’s, but the colour of the flowers is so vibrant I couldn’t leave it out!Mum's flowers

Mum's flowersMum's flowers

Mum's flowersMum's flowersMum's flowers

Mum's flowersMum's flowersMum's flowers

As you can tell, I kinda love taking photos of flowers!

And there will be plenty more gorgeous pics like these once I finally get through editing all the shots from my trip to Paris!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Favorite Things Friday – Travel Tips – Week 15


I thought this week’s Fave Things Friday would be best served covering some travel tips. I am on a trip to Paris after all. So, here are some of the tips and trips that I flagged on Pinterest in the run up to my holiday…

First up I found this great 50 Things infographic ( I had to chop it down a bit into separate pics so it was visible):

50 things a traveller should know 150 things a traveller should know 250 things a traveller should know 350 things a traveller should know 450 things a traveller should know 550 things a traveller should know 650 things a traveller should know 750 things a traveller should know 850 things a traveller should know 950 things a traveller should know 1050 things a traveller should know 1150 things a traveller should know 12

Leave us a comment below with your score! I only got 11, so definitely room to improve! Can’t wait to travel some more!

Tourist vs Traveller

Are you a typical tourist, or do you try to be more like a traveler? Let us know in the comments below!

Some Fun Travel Facts…

Fun Travel Facts 2Fun Travel Facts 3Fun Travel Facts 4Fun Travel Facts 5Fun Travel Facts 6Fun Travel Facts 7Fun Travel Facts 8Fun Travel Facts 9Fun Travel Facts 10

A few safety tips to remember…

Ten Solo Female Travel Safety TipsThis link is especially useful for female travellers, but is also good for couples, families and groups. Worth at least a cursory read over!

Healthy plane travelFollow the link in this pic to a great infographic on things to remember for your health when you travel.

24 tips for nervous flyersSome or all of these tips might come in handy if you don’t feel at ease in the air! Not sure I will need any of these (haven’t flown in over 7 years and can’t really remember whether or not I got worked up), but I will be taking some form of gum/chewy sweet with me to munch on during takeoff as my ears tend to pop.

My destination for this trip is Paris. So I thought I would include some links to a few of the guides I looked at beforehand to get an idea of what to do while there…

Map of Paris

First off, a quick map of all the BIG things, just so I know roughly where they are!

50 Cool Things to Do in ParisOf course, you have to cover all the BIG attractions, but then what? This link was really helpful and has given me a HUGE list of places to search out while I am here!

Paris - Part 1This post has also given me a few places to try and get to over my long weekend away!

Best Streets in Paris for walksAnd hopefully this will prove useful as well! Not that I will be getting bored in 4 days, but will be a good list to have on hand for future trips when I have more time to explore properly.

25 most useful french phrasesAnd they aren’t just useful when you are studying. I am pretty sure I will be using a few of these phrases on my trip!

There are soooooo many more itineraries and lists of things to do online, not only for Paris, but just about every other major destination you can think of. If you have an upcoming trip, I am sure you can find some new places to go once you get there!

ย Lastly, some packing tips. as it got closer to the date I was due to fly out I started looking up what I should think of packing, not only in my suitcase, but my carry-on as well. Take a look at some of the pictures and links below to see what I found…

Packing - 2 weeks in 1 carry-on

Even though I’m not going away for 2 full weeks, this pic helped a lot. It gave me an idea of exactly how much I could pack into a small suitcase if needed.

Pack Lighter - 5-4-3-2-1

This was great. Exactly what I needed! And I think I pretty much stuck to it.

What not to packOkay, so maybe not a necessary link for a long weekend in Paris, but still a worthwhile post to look at. And, there were plenty more tips and ideas on The Travel Hack blog. (I will be sharing more on this blog soon!)

what's in my carry-onThis was another great link that I am glad I found. I tend to be over-prepared when it comes to travelling (not that I have done much, other than back and forth to my parents). It was great to see each item laid out as well, instead of just a written list.

Carry on Essentials

And just to be thorough, another quick guide to carry-on essentials!

Now, I had everything packed and ready to go the night before so I didn’t have a last-minute panic (inevitably I did anyway). I had sooooo many lists of things that I can do while I am away (don’t know how much I will get through, but I am crossing them off as I go). Pretty prepared, if not overly so. I even cleaned my flat before leaving as my landlord needed to do some work while I was away.

I hope this helps you. I know looking up all these pics & links shook up a few tips I had forgotten about.

I hope your next holiday goes smoothly and you get to have fun, relax and explore!


Favorite Things Friday – Spring Has Sprung – Week 14

Back into a Fave Things Friday with a burst of Spring!!!


Spring is when the flowers start to bloom again…


New life appears…


And we make a fresh start after Winter…

New beginnings

The sun really begins to shine…

First light of springSunriseHere comes the sun

Our wardrobe changes…

Style for springSpring Style

We even put flowers in our hair…

flowers in her hairFLower crown

Birds Singing

Anne Bradstreet Quote

A flower does not think

Pantone even has a new list of cool colours for Spring 2015…

Pantone Spring 2015

It’s time to get back into the garden for parties and I am loving this idea…

Floating flowers and candles

Floating flowers and candles

So it is definitely time to say…

Hello Spring

Favorite Things Friday – Week 13 – Awards Season

Now, Awards Season is over. But as a quick flash back of some of the great dresses, I wanted to take you all through my favorites from the Red Carpets and Afterparties.

Take a look below….

Academy Awards

America Ferrera - Academy Awards

America Ferrera looked gorgeous in this green gown!

Anna Kendrick - Academy Awards

Anna Kendrick looking pretty in pink!

Cate Blanchett - Academy Awards

A classic black dress with statement necklace for Cate Blanchett!

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum - Academy Awards

Not my favorite dress, but Channing and Jenna certainly look the perfect pair!

Jessica Chastain - Academy Awards

This midnight blue dress worn by Jessica Chastain is fab, especially with that tantalising split up the side!

Meryl Streep - Academy Awards

Meryl went for a very cool mix here, with the tux jacket, simple white shirt and elegant black skirt!

Rosamund Pike - Academy Awards

Rosamund looks stunning in this gorgeous red dress!

Golden Globes

Catherine Zeta-Jones - Golden Globes

Another stunning red dress, this time worn by Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Golden Globes!

Felicity Jones - Golden Globes

This is the first of Felicity’s dresses that I loved, simple yet elegant!

Kate Beckinsale - Golden Globes

Kate looks breathtaking in this beautiful glittery number!

Katherine Heigl - Golden Globes

Katherine Heigl is definitely showing off her fantastic figure in this midnight blue dress!

Lupita Nyong'o - Golden Globes

This flowery dress worn by Lupita Nyong’o is exquisite!


Anna Kendrick - Grammy Awards

Not too many picks from the Grammy’s, but I did like Anna Kendrick’s edgy choice of a feminine tux!

Taylor Swift - Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift rocked a sensational dress here, but I’m not so sure about the shoes!


Amy Adams - Oscars Afterparty

Amy Adams wore this dazzling blue dress to one of the many afterparties!

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe - Oscars

Eddie Redmayne cut a fine figure in this navy suit next to an equally gorgeous Hannah Bagshawe on the Red Carpet at the Oscars!

Gina Rodriguez - Oscars

I am definitely loving this blue dressย Gina Rodriguez wore!

Jamie Chung - Oscars

I have seen Jamie Chung in a few things now and she is a great actress. This sparkling dress is gorgeous!

Kelly Osbourne - Oscars

Kelly Osbourne’s LBD is ravishing, especially with the lace! Not so sure about her hair colour though; I certainly couldn’t rock it!

Michelle Monaghan - Oscars Afterparty

Another afterparty dress, and Michelle Monaghan looks elegant & statuesque!

Nina Dobrev - Oscars Afterparty

Nina Dobrev looks ravishing in this simple red gown with lace edging!

Scarlett Johansson - Oscars

Scarlett Johansson looks effortlessly stylish in this beautiful dress and statement necklace!

Zoe Saldana - Oscars

I love this Grecian style faux wrap dress worn by Zoe Saldana!

SAG Awards

Joanne Froggat - SAG Awards

A far cry from her ladies’ maid uniform in Downton Abbey, Joanne Froggat looks breath-taking in this sumptuous black gown! Lady Mary would be jealous!

Julianne Moore - SAG Awards

Julianne Moore wore this sensational green dress with plenty of glitter!

Keira Knightley - SAG Awards

Keira managed to look effortlessly stylish in this purple, lacy dress, even in the late stages of her pregnancy!

And a few ladies who stood out from some of the other awards ceremonies…

Ellen Pompeo - People's Choice Awards

This choice of a pastel jumpsuit by Ellen Pompeo at the People’s Choice Awards was on point! Loving the lacy cut-outs!

Emily Blunt - Critics Choice Awards

Emily Blunt wore this stunning red dress at the Critics Choice Awards!

Emma Stone - Independent Spirit Awards

Emma Stone wore this gorgeous LBD, especially with the lacy top to the Independent Spirit Awards!

Felicity Jones - Baftas

Another fabulous dress worn by Felicity Jones, this time to the Baftas!

Taylor Swift - Brit Awards

And finally, Taylor Swift again, in this classy black number, looking statuesque and elegant with her statement red lip!

So, those are my fave’s from the red carpet.

Which was your favorite from the season? Let us know in the comments below!

Favorite Things Friday – Week 12 – Fashion Week

These are some of my favorite looks from Fashion Week – on the runway as well as street style!

Alice + Olivia RTW Spring 2015 PFW

Some fresh spring colours from Alice + Olivia. I really like the flare trousers! And the floral clutch is cute too!

David Koma Spring-Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear London Fashion Week

A slick, business-like look from David Koma – the mix of blues here is lovely (and yes it is blue and black!).

Elie Saab womenswear, spring-summer 2015, Paris Fashion Week

Some glitz and glamour in this dress from Ellie Saab – loving the ombre!

Emilio Pucci womenswear, spring-summer 2015, Milan Fashion Week

This trouser look is great from Emilio Pucci, a refreshing change from all the dresses!

Etro womenswear, spring-summer 2015, Milan Fashion Week

Etro went a bit boho with this look and I am digging the hankie hem on this dress!

Giovanna Battaglia at Milan Fashion Week during the Spring 2015

This great use of pattern and colour is one of the fab street styles I have seen photographed this fashion week!

Girl on the Street  NYFW

Again, great pattern, simply put together with the white shirt, nude shoes and the funky bag to bring it all together!

Jessica Alba channelled Audrey Hepburn at New York Fashion Week

I love the Audrey Hepburn look, and Jessica Alba certainly kills it during New York Fashion Week!

Julien Macdonald womenswear, spring-summer 2015, London Fashion Week

This white and blue pattern is gorgeous! Wish I could buy this Julien Macdonald dress!

London Fashion Week - Street Style

Fringed skirt with a simple black roll-neck top & some major bling. This girl has some serious street style!

Monique Lhuillier Resort 2015

A simple & fresh but glam look from Monique Lhuillier – gorgeous!

Naeem Khan - Pre Spring-Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear New York Fashion Week

I am not really one for shorts, but this combo in that pattern from Naeem Khan is something I could definitely wear!

New York Fashion Week Michael Kors Spring-Summer 2015

Loving this belted full skirt with simple white top from Michael Kors. I have just the shoes to complete this look!

NYFW Street Style

I don’t usually go in for white skirts (hard to keep clean), but this is a great outfit, especially with the bright crop top!

NYFW Street Style 2

Another full-skirt style, this time on the streets of NYC. Loving how it is put together with the blue button down!

NYFW Street Style 3

More great style on the streets of NYC during fashion week. The mix here of stylish bling with the pattern of that skirt is brilliant!

SpringSummer 2015 - Ralph Lauren

Back to the catwalk with this one – Ralph Lauren’s glam use of khaki here is fab!

street style. Stella McCartney skirt at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015

Paris has some amazing street styles as well – more fabulously patterned skirts!

Supima New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 September 2014

This Supima dress is gorgeous, great use of colour enhancing the silhouette!

Valentino Spring 2015

I love me some dip-dye, and this maxi from Valentino is stunning!

Zac Posen at New York Fashion Week Fall 2015

Can this Zac Posen dress be in my wardrobe the next time I look please? I love everything about this classic dress and the colour is UHmazing!

Zac Posen at New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 2

Another Zac Posen creation – and I definitely need this dress for a ball I am going to later this year!

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015. The Braided Faux Hawk

To round off this post, a quick tutorial to get one of the hairstyles from NY Fashion Week! Falling in love with the Faux Hawk!

Disheveled braids at Baja East Spring 2015 NYFW

This messy braid is also another great hairstyle from NYFW that I really liked. No tutorial this time, but it should be pretty easy to replicate!

And finally, what is a post on fashion without some design sketches?!

NYFW Designer Sketches


Let us know your favorite styles from this years fashion weeks around the world. Were you there? Send us some pics – we would love to see them!

Film Friday – Part 1

Hi all!

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, I am going to be sharing some more films with you today. This time, instead of ones I have already watched and love, it is going to be ones that are being released this year that I can’t wait to see!

There are sooooo many films released every year. Big blockbusters that we see adverts for everywhere, and then the smaller, indie films that fewer people have heard of.

Now me, I kinda like the blockbusters. The kick-ass action films, the comedy that makes even the grumpiest person chuckle, the tear-jerking romance that always ends with a kiss, the musical that has the whole world singing along, and I quite like a good sci-fi as well (live long and prosper ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

So, what has the Hollywood (and the British Film Industry) got in store for us in 2015?

The Theory Of Everything

Well, you may have already seen The Theory of Everything (I know I have) starring Eddie Redmayne as Steven Hawking. This is a fantastic film that brought tears to my eyes. It was fantastically portrayed and fully deserves whatever awards it may win!!! If you get the chance to see it at the cinema, I highly recommend it, but if it is no longer showing in your area, look out for it when it is released on DVD! And a quick congrats to Eddie who won the Oscar for Best Actor!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

ย …

Into The Woods

Into The Woods is another great film that I was able to see the other day. It is a recently released musical that is based on some of the well know stories from the Grimm brothers. With some great actors and actresses including Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Chris Pine & James Cordon; this is quite a fun film, with some great songs throughout (maybe none quite as catchy as ‘Let It Go’ though). Give it a go, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Kingsman The Secret Service

I have also been able to see Kingsman: The Secret Service this past weekend. And can I say straight off – GREAT FILM!!! A fantastically portrayed spy film with some ‘on the edge of your seat’ action sequences and some brilliant humour. My friend and I laughed throughout at Samuel L. Jackson’s character (watch the film and you will know why). Again, some great names involved, Colin Firth takes the lead along with newcomer Taron Egerton; Michael Caine,ย Mark Strong and Sofia Boutella.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Following hot on the heals of the first film, Dev Patel returns along with a star-studded cast in The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. This film certainly promises to be bigger and better than the original, and even features Richard Gere. I am sat on the edge of my seat waiting for this film to come out!


I know the whole Cinderella and figurative glass slipper thing has been redone many times over the years, with modern and historical versions alike. But I am really looking forward to this film. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother?


The second part in the Divergent Series comes out next month – are you as excited as I am? Nuff said on this one I think.

Jupiter Ascending

This film looks like it is going to be another great action film with Channing Tatum & Mila Kunis, along with Eddie Redmayne in an intergalactic storyline. I don’t really see a problem here.

The Avengers Age of Ultron

Another action film, but this time The Avengers are back. Tony, Cap, Thor, Hawkeye, Hulk and Romanov are back, with some new names in the lineup. And of course, our fave eye patch is back – Samuel L. Jackson is back in the game as Nick Fury. YAY!

Pitch Perfect 2

Ready to get “pitch slapped”? The second film is out soon! Have a girly sing-a-long with your bezzies to what is promising to be another corker of a show! I wonder if Rebel Wilson will demonstrate anymore Mermaid Dancing?! ๐Ÿ™‚


ย We get another dose of Bond later this year! Should be another great film (although it will be a bit sad cus no more Judi Dench as M). Quick question, have you seen the new Aston Martin they are bringing out for the film?

There are plenty more films due to be released this year. I will be sharing some more with you all very soon! Stay tuned for another ‘To Watch’ list. ๐Ÿ™‚

Week 10 – Favorite Things Friday

Hi everyone, this is GF (the younger sister), I am new to posting here on PoppyRoseBlog.

I will be taking over Favorite Things Friday this week and continuing the dance theme!

Below is a selection of my favorite pins about ballet found on Pinterest over the past week.


Real High Heels

In my ballet classes I am currently working towards dancing on Pointe. Not quite on my toes yet, but getting there.


I love all the colours of these Pointe shoes!!!

Dance on Pointe

This is what I am working towards – being able to dance on Pointe like that.

Perfect turn set

This is a VERY accurate representation of how it feels! ๐Ÿ™‚


I love the effect the photographer captured in this pic!

Dance is

This is so true. All of these words perfectly describe dancing!


I think this picture is really cute. I can’t wait until I am able to dance on point and take a picture like this with my little sister or niece who dance as well.

As you can tell from the above selection of pictures, I am a big fan of ballet! I love to dance and attend several different classes a week; ballet, tap, jazz & performance.

What kind of dancing do you love? Let us know in the comments below!