Music Monday – Woodkid

I saw my sister and her dance class perform at Worcester Festival last week which was great! We got to see a lot of other performances, but the song my sister’s group performed to really stuck in my head. I’ve since downloaded it and can’t stop playing it.

What was it I hear you ask? Well…

Run Boy Run by Woodkid (This fellow below…)


Now don’t tell me after listening to the song, that you don’t want to get up and do something productive? I know the video is a bit odd, but the song itself is great! The music has a fab beat that certainly gets my blood pumping and keeps me motivated. I also like some of the words, especially  “Tomorrow is another day”, cus it is. And no matter how many times we fall down or fail each day, we have the opportunity to start fresh the next day, as long as we get up and keep moving.

What have you been listening to recently?

We’d love to know so share your recommendations in the comments below!


Music Monday – Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly

I have been bopping away to the musical stylings of Tori Kelly recently and wanted to share some of my favourite songs with you guys. So, here goes:

This song, Unbreakable Smile, never fails to put a smile on my face! The tune itself just gets you moving, but if you really listen to the words, they have a great message that a lot of people (especially those in the lime-light) should really listen to. She is promising to stay strong and not become one of those singers who follows what she is told to do just to get more press/album sales/etc. And I especially like where she says “And baby who knows maybe I can sell out shows without taking off my clothes, God made me sexy I don’t care if only I know”, this is definitely something that everyone needs to hear – we don’t need to go around wearing little to no clothing to be sexy, we can be more gorgeous/handsome by wearing slightly more modest clothing.

You are sure to have a boogie to this one, I even dance a little sat at my desk at my day job when I listen to this one. Love it!

I like this song as well, Dear No One, because it has a great message like Unbreakable Smile. It’s about being okay with not having an other half, but not completely giving up hope that you’re going to be single forever. She sings “I’m done lookin’, for my future someone, Cause when the time is right, You’ll be here”. Yes, its leaving it up to ‘fate’ or whatever, but you often do find the person who is right for you out of the blue and when you least anticipate it, it’s not about searching for them.

I love Tori’s voice in this song, I feel it really showcases her voice. Have a listen to the power in some of her notes, and in contrast how gently she can sing some sections. True artist in my eyes.

I love when artists collaborate on songs, and this one with the mix of Tori and Ed Sheeran is just beautiful! A bit more acoustic than some of their songs, but it is a perfect blend for them.


I’m going to end this post with another collab that Tori Kelly has done, this time with Professor Green. This is a beautiful song, and I often have it on repeat. Have a listen for me, and just enjoy the contrast of Tori’s sweet voice with Prof Green’s rapping.

What music are you currently listening to? We’d love to know, especially the songs you have on repeat! Share them with us in the comments below!

Music Monday – Burlesque

I turned on my iTunes last night for the first time in a long time, and after a couple of songs it shuffled onto a couple of songs from the film Burlesque. Soooo, I thought they would make a great post for Music Monday…

Burlesque - Christina Aguilera and Cher

Of course we have a great song from Cher when we first enter the club…

The first song when they get to see who Christina can really sing…

A cheeky number from Aggie…

And of course the two great showstoppers: Express….

And Show Me How You Burlesque…

Burlesque - Christina Aguilera

Have you seen the film, or heard any of the songs before?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Music Monday – Lindsey Stirling

As I said last week, here is a post on Lindsey Stirling…

Lindsey Stirling

This fantastic violinist & dancer combines both talents into her performances which include original songs as well as covers & mash-ups! Check out some of my faves below…


This one includes a bit of camera trickery and is one of her original songs, Shadows, from a few years ago when I first came across her. Quite a cool mix I think!

Bit more updated from the original song I think, but this take on the Phantom of the Opera is rockin!!! And I love the full-skirted dresses she wears!

In a similar vein to some of The Piano Guys videos I shared last week, I love how this beautifully mixes the modern and traditional! And that clip of the baby elephant – adorable every time!!!

How about this pretty cool pop-up performance?

And an enchanting Les Misérable medley!

Lindsey has a new album, Shatter Me, which is out now. Go check her out on YouTube here or her website here for more info on music and tour dates, etc.

Music Monday – The Piano Guys

Double whammy today – has anyone heard of The Piano Guys before?

The Piano Guys

No – Scroll down then go and check them out on YouTube now!!!

Yes – well I’m going to share a few videos anyway!

This video popped up on my Facebook feed the other day and I just knew I had to share it with you all! You know I shared Rachel Platten’s Fight Song the other week, have a listen to this take on it…..

Isn’t it perfect, how it mixes with Amazing Grace, the pipers & drums, and I love where they filmed it – the iconic Eilean Donan Castle in Dornie, Scotland, a phenomenal piece of countryside!!!

And what other songs have they played I hear you ask?!

Here’s a few more I love…

Again, another twist on a HUGE song, this time by Coldplay. I love how Alex Boye incorporates/translates Swahili, Yoruba & African “scat” in with the original words in English. And again, amazing setting for the video!

This one is another twist on an original, Swedish House Mafia’s Don’t You Worry Child sung in Sanskrit(?) and Hindi by Shweta Subram who wears two absolutely gorgeous traditional outfits!!!

Slightly different way to play the piano here. Yes I know it’s a One Direction song, but the way they play What Makes You Beautiful is kinda cool don’t you agree?

This one features Lindsey Stirling (I’ll do a proper post on her next week as she is also great) with The Guys playing the Mission Impossible theme. Bit of a funny vid, with some cool ‘spy’ stuff going on!

This is another fab mash-up of two songs – David Guetta’s Titanium & Faure’s Pavane – beautifully done. And they have a second version – here – with Tyler Ward singing which is also amazeballs!

That’s it for now; as I said before, go check them out on YouTube here and listen to a few more of their tunes! You might even feel like buying an album or tickets to see them on their upcoming tour!!!

Music Monday – Ben Haenow Ft Kelly Clarkson

I came across this song over the weekend and have kinda had it on repeat ever since – I love it…

It’s a new song by Ben Haenow…

Ben Haenow

And features Kelly Clarkson…

Kelly Clarkson

What do you think? Are you going to be rocking out to it anytime soon?

As always, let us know what you think below!

Music Monday – On A Loop

Starting off fresh this week – and bringing you some of my new fave songs!

First up we have the lovely Rachel Platten…

Rachel Platten

These are the two songs I love of hers atm…


Love them both and generally have them on a loop with the rest of the songs below!

Next up is the fab Hailee Steinfeld…

Hailee Steinfeld

And she has this great song out atm…

Have a listen and then blast it from the rooftops!!!

Sara Bareilles has been around for a number of years now…

Sara Bareilles

But I am in love with her new song…

What do you think? Great huh!?

And moving away from the gals, we have Andy Grammer…

Andy Grammer

His so ‘Honey I’m Good’ is a definite toe-tapper and might even get you dancing!

Do you like these songs too? What are the songs you have on a loop atm?

Let us know in the comments below!!!! 🙂

Music Monday – Shut Up & Dance

Kicking off this week with my current favorite tune, and yes it is a cover version of said tune, but I think this one is better!!!! This always gets me going in the morning so I wanted to share it with you, see if it helps jump-start you in the early hours!

Devin and Kyle

These guys do a great cover of this song and its all put together by the master that is Kurt Hugo Schneider.


Kurt works with a lot of YouTubers and is a pretty great musician himself. Check out his YouTube page and you will see what I mean. Definitely worth a watch & follow!

Music Monday – The Macy Kate Band & Kurt Schneider

I know there are a lot of cover songs out there, some great and some not so good (all subjective & depending on your point of view).

This cover is one that I particularly like…

I actually listen to it more than the original.

Check out more of Macy Kate’s stuff on YouTube by clicking on her pic below…

The Macy Kate BandAnd for more from the awesome Kurt Hugo Schneider…

Kurt Hugo SchneiderKurt works with a lot of YouTubers and is a pretty great musician himself. His brother is kinda cool too. Check out Kurt’s YouTube page and you will see what I mean. Definitely worth a watch of many of his uploads!

Currently on my playlist…

Every Kingdom

I have been listening to this album on repeat every now and again since I was first introduced to it by an old friend! I find it soothing, and it helps me to concentrate when I am working.

Find all the songs here…

Might help you if you need to knuckle down and get some work done!?