Love this coffee shop sign!

Shame someone else took the pic, I could do with seeing it on my way to work this morning!


Wanderlust Wednesday – Week 13

Sticking with a slightly more tropical theme this week…

Beach Swing

Now, I’m not sure where this pic was taken, but I definitely NEED to be on that swing right now!

What about you? Fancy a go?

Who’s coming with me to swing on the beach with our feet skimming the sand and splashing in the waves as the gently roll onto the shore?

Wanderlust Wednesday – Week 12

Feeling really chilly here in the UK – not something I usually say cus I run a bit warm and suffer in the heat. But this week I am really fancying a trip somewhere a lot warmer.

Maybe Santorini?

Santorini, Greece

Doesn’t it look fantastic?

The white and blue buildings with that gorgeous sunrise/sunset in the background!?

I sooo can’t wait to go there and ride a donkey up and down all those steps!!!

You coming?

TV Tuesday – Quantico

I have started watching a few new US TV programs recently and thought it was about time I shared a few of the ones that I really like. So first up is Quantico on ABC which had its season premier on 27th September.

This is an explosive new series (literally) which starts off with a bomb exploding in Grand Central Station, New York. And that is all I am going to tell you of the plot! ๐Ÿ˜‰

They have a great cast…

Quantico Cast

Led by the stunningย Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish the main protagonist…

Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish

Along with Johanna Braddy as Shelby Wyatt, another beautiful lady who can hold her own…

Johanna Braddy as Shelby Wyatt

Annabelle Acosta as Natalie Vasquez, again, gorgeous…

Anabelle Acosta as Natalie Vasquez

And then we have Yasmine Al Massri who does an excellent job – I’ll let you watch it to find out what I mean…

Yasmine Al Massri as Nimah & Raina Amin

The new recruits at the FBI’s Quantico also include some pretty hot guys too, don’t worry…

Graham Rogers as Caleb Haas

First up we have Graham Rogers who plays Caleb Haas who initially gets the nickname ‘Golden boy’!

Tate Ellington as Simon Asher

Then we have Tate Ellington who plays Simon Asher, and then finally we have…

Jake McLaughlin as Ryan Booth

Jake McLaughlin as Ryan Booth who is by far my favorite of the fella’s! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Check out the explosive trailer below and then see if you can catch a few episodes if you haven’t seen it already! Let me know in the comments what you think!

Wanderlust Wednesday – Week 11

Now, as we are currently in the best time of year to see it, I thought I would share this stunning picture today…

Northern lights in Norway

There are sooooo many photographs of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis scattered across the internet, each one amazing in the depth of colour and magic they capture. This one is beautiful and was captured in Norway (apologies, photographer unknown).

I was lucky enough to see the lights myself about 11 or 12 years ago in Scotland, and I would love to plan & book a whole trip around seeing them

Have you got any pics of the Northern Lights that you would like to share? Comment below or email them across – we would absolutely love to see them!

Wanderlust Wednesday – Week 10

We are sticking with Scotland this week, but heading from the Highlands to the Outer Hebrides…

Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

I think maybe I need to start planning a round-trip to Scotland, taking in all of the places I so desperately want to visit!!!

You coming? ๐Ÿ™‚

Wanderlust Wednesday – Week 9

We are heading to Scotland this week – way past the ‘doorway’ we featured in Week 1!

Beinn Eighe, Scottish Highlands

This is a view of Beinn Eighe, in the Scottish Highlands. I’ve booked a weeks holiday to Scotland for next year near where I grew up and I can’t wait to go back and explore again!

Have you ever been to Scotland? Thinking of booking a trip now?

Another fab photo to fuel your wanderlust coming next week!

Dream Awhile With Me – Poem by Cathryn Martin

I’ve been doing a bit of a sort out round my flat over the weekend and came across an old notebook I had filled with poems for a competition I entered while at school. After having a flick through I spotted one that I had shared on which someone turned into a stop-motion animation a few years back. SO I thought I would share both with you all!

Dream Awhile With Me by Cathryn Martin

I dream of rainbows, Bright in the sky,
I dream of lightning, together we cry,

I dream of flowers, I feel such delight,
I dream of spiders, and I scream with fright,

I dream of fish, swimming in the sea,
I dream of sharks, coming after me,

I dream of lambs, frolicking around,
I dream of wolves, Hunting, no sound,

I dream of children, several of them ours,
I dream of them waking, Being up for hours,

Stay with me forever and together weโ€™ll cope,
Because when I dream of you, I dream of hope,

Dream awhile with me and together weโ€™ll see,
Not all dreams are bad, so dream along with me.

Cathryn Martin

Bit of a simple poem I know (I was still at school – and we can’t all be Shakespeare), but check out the video I was sent…

I think this is super creative and I felt quite honoured when I was first contacted by them to let me know they had made it!

Have you written any poetry? Or have you made a stop-motion animation about your own/someone else’s work? We would love to see both and share them here on the blog!!! You can contact us via social media or via the ‘Contact Us’ tab above!

Favourite Things Friday – Week 17 – Etsy

Bringing back Favourite Things Friday. Not sure if it will be regular again, but here is at least one post to keep you going!

I recently got back onto Etsy – no I don’t have anything for sale yet, none of the stuff I make is anywhere close to Etsy quality atm – but I am looking at other people’s stuff.

You know how on Insta it is sooooo easy to โ™ฅ a pic – well, it’s just as easy (at least for me anyway) to do the same sorta thing on Etsy. As I found out the other night and added 99 items to my favourites list within about 20 minutes and that was just based of suggested items. I didn’t even start going in and searching for stuff, cus I would then have been absolutely lost and my faves list would have been about as big as the number of Pin’s I have on Pinterest by now.

So, without further ado, here are some of the things I saved in my list, along with some of the seller details in case you wanna do some online shopping (hint, hint)…

First up are these Druzy Rings by KukeeUK are really cool. I think they look funky as!

Next in line we have these sweet Key Fobs by BagEnvy – I sooo totally want the mint one, no the coral one, no the arrows, no all of them! Lol!

Keeping the jewellery theme up, this Nebula Necklace rules. It’s by Necklacesbymermaid, go find your own! ๐Ÿ™‚

These raw opal studs are beautiful. Made by MyPerception, I really think everyone should have a pair!

This rainbow moonstone ring also caught my eye. It’s by DonBiuSilver and I completely fell in love – I mean intricate silver around that stone, DUH!

Moving into clothing now, this silk dress was hand painted by CaprichoSilk and looks stunning! I’d love to wear it all summer long!!!

Doesn’t this Hawaiian Rockabilly dress by LadyMayraClothing rock? I certainly thing it does. I’m not a huge one for pattern, but I would love to add this dress to my wardrobe!

I really need to learn to make these myself, but for now, I might just buy some of these flower doilies by rachaelsscraps.

My sister loves this adult colouring craze going on at the moment, and this instant download from PaulaKimStudio will definitely keep her going for a while! I might give it a go too.

And finally, I am becoming a MASSIVE fan of washi tape (bit late to the game, I know) and i definitely hit the motherload on Etsy….

So many pretty things all in one place – go check out some of the links and shop a little; it’ll be good, I promise! I can’t wait to explore a bit more and share some more of my fave things from Etsy with you again. Pretty sure there is gonna be waaaay more soon!

Have you got any favourite items/sellers on Etsy? Share them with us in the comments below, we would love to see them, and maybe share some too!