PoppyRose Art

PoppyRose Art

Art Collaboration Shout-out

PoppyRose Art is looking for volunteers with Visual Impairments to collaborate on an art project to create artwork that is both visually pleasing and tactile for those who are sight impaired.

Simply put, the project involves working on a canvas with myself, sending it back and forth (or if you are more local to Bristol we can meet up and work on it at the same time), each adding layers of colour, patterns and designs using a variety of methods (no art “skills” necessary and canvas is provided).

I am looking to get around 20 finished canvases in the first round, have a gallery show where the general public, and more importantly, people with VI will be able to come and appreciate the collaborative art.

If you would like more info on the project or to get involved, please get in touch either via email poppyroseblog@gmail.com or leave us a message/comment on the PoppyRoseBlog Facebook page. Information can be made available in a variety of formats, including large print.


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