Wanderlust Wednesday – Week 14

Below Mt Fuji, Honshu Island, Japan

This view from below Mt Fuji, on Honshu Island, in Japan is beautiful!

It is one of many places on my list of places to travel and I hope I get there one day, but for now I just keep dreaming whilst looking at pics like this!

Where have you got on your ‘places to go’ list? Let us know in the comments below!


Workout Wednesday – Week 15

Hi all and welcome back to Workout Wednesday!

This week we have a bit of a theme starting here at PoppyRoseBlog.

And that theme is………..


Kinda follows from the previous Workout Wednesday, but this week we are going to explore all kinds of dance, not just Zumba.

We like to move it and shake it with the best of them, but the guys and gals in the videos below really are the best of them!!!

First up we have these guys from Japan dancing in the dark in suits that light up! This is not only a great show, but an amazing demonstration of how dancers have to be in perfect sync with each other & how timing each step has to be exact. Without discipline, these dancers would end up being booed off the stage. Instead, they dance the night away!


I love this dance from SYTYCD choreographed by Nappytabs. It is such a lovely, fun dance – and I sincerely wish I could dance like this!

This dance from the new Fame film is really great, putting some great moves to a fun song!

There are plenty of dance films out there, but I think this dance from Step Up 4 is really great! Showing that dance, even contemporary and hip hop, can be an art form!

This commercial shows the differences between Ballet and Hip Hop, but also highlights how both can blend together to create a great dance piece. And the tag line at 1:10 – “Dance is …” – all those things that scroll past truly describe what it is like to dance!


This is a clip from the film Take The Lead with Antonio Banderas. It is a fantastic film with some great ballroom dancing. In the film there Banderas who plays Pierre Dulaine says this to one of the students:

Pierre Dulaine: Do you love to dance?
Caitlin: Yeah
Pierre Dulaine: Then you’re meant to dance.

The quote has stuck with me ever since I first watched the film – because I do love to dance.

I think flash mob’s are great and this Irish Dancing one in Dublin Airport is fabulous – showing us the next generation of Riverdance! πŸ˜‰

Here is another flash mob – this time, Chicago take’s over Oprah Winfrey’s Kick Off Party! It is truly amazing how so many people can get together, have fun and dance! Oprah was so taken aback by what was happening – it is just great to watch. Especially how it just starts with the one girl at the front of the audience!

And of course, we have to have the Evolution of Dance!

Classic video here – but a wonderful demonstration of ALL the big styles over the past few decades!

Β And last but not least we have the very lovely Ed Sheeran…

A beautiful mix of contemporary and ballroom dance – and a fab song as well!

So, thanks for popping by to see us this week.

Come back on Friday to see our Favorite Things. This week we have a guest poster showing us their favorite pins.

Until then…

Keep Dancing