Music Monday – Woodkid

I saw my sister and her dance class perform at Worcester Festival last week which was great! We got to see a lot of other performances, but the song my sister’s group performed to really stuck in my head. I’ve since downloaded it and can’t stop playing it.

What was it I hear you ask? Well…

Run Boy Run by Woodkid (This fellow below…)


Now don’t tell me after listening to the song, that you don’t want to get up and do something productive? I know the video is a bit odd, but the song itself is great! The music has a fab beat that certainly gets my blood pumping and keeps me motivated. I also like some of the words, especially  “Tomorrow is another day”, cus it is. And no matter how many times we fall down or fail each day, we have the opportunity to start fresh the next day, as long as we get up and keep moving.

What have you been listening to recently?

We’d love to know so share your recommendations in the comments below!